Why AI Will Revolutionize Crypto

Why AI Will Revolutionize Crypto

And the 3 AI tokens surging on the rise of AI.

Why AI Will Revolutionize Crypto

AI has all of Silicon Valley scrambling.

The launch of Microsoft’s ChatGPT and its incredible spike in popularity (from 1 million users in its first week, to 100 million+ users just a few weeks later) has Big Tech rushing to roll out AI projects.

Billionaires Sergey Brin and Larry Page are back in the office at Google after a 10+-year hiatus, putting in code requests and personally leading meetings.

And Bill Gates is back at work as well, trying to personally help expand Microsoft’s early lead.

But while AI is now a hotspot at the center of tech’s radar, its approach has been blinking brighter and brighter this whole time — for those who knew where to look.

Our in-house crypto expert Chris Curl has been writing for months about how crypto will play an ever-increasing role in crypto's capabilities, from monitoring security to moderating trades on exchanges.

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The addition of AI to crypto’s programming could fix a lot of its flaws.

As Forbes put it:

“AI has the potential to fundamentally change the way the crypto universe works, and could solve a lot of the problems that have caused the sector to crash so badly in the past.” — Forbes

But this is only the beginning of AI’s potential contributions.

I recently interviewed Chris on video about what he expects from AI — and what role it might have in shaping crypto’s future.

(Spoiler alert: Chris says AI is going to have a crucial place in the cryptoverse.)

Chris also gives us a breakdown on three AI-based crypto tokens that are gaining widespread attention… The Graph (GRT)… SingularityNet (AGIX)… and the Numerai project’s Numeraire (NMR).


For me personally, my plan is to start slowly and build my portfolio as AI’s role develops.

I own 2500 of SingularityNet’s AGIX token, which I have staked on SingularityNet’s own staking platform, where it earns compounding interest from the reward pool.

I also own a small amount of Numeraire, but I’m waiting to see trading volume pick up a little more before growing my bag (which is cryptospeak for “adding to my portfolio”).

While it’s still early days for these projects, I’m confident that the amount of development will create a lot of winners (and losers!) along the way. Big moves are almost a guarantee — it’s just a matter of getting into projects that are destined to move in the right direction.

Chris has an entire plan mapped out. And not only that, he’s also managing a $50,000 real-money portfolio that he’s growing trade-by-trade (and you’re invited to follow along, he talks investors through each move he makes).

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Chris made 60,000% on smart buys in early projects during the last crypto boom… quite literally turning a $2,000 investment into $120,000. And even though the crypto market has been consolidating, Chris has still found areas to profit. Just three weeks ago he made a 10,000% return on a meme coin that rode the rebound of the major cryptocurrency Solana.

When the market booms again, as it’s likely to do, crypto fortunes will soar.

So if you’re looking for a place to start then Chris Curl’s Crypto Cycle is your indispensable guide to this lucrative new universe.

As crypto’s adoption of AI expands, the real test of intelligence will be which investors are able to use this exploding growth to make gains — and which ones will miss out.

John Carl

John Carl
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle