What’s the NEXT 10,900% Lithium Winner?

Everyone’s getting into the lithium game these days...

Even ExxonMobil — a major contributor to the petro-habit the world is now collectively trying to kick — is seeking to produce the clean-burning “white petroleum.”

The oil industry stalwart recently acquired the drilling rights to a large, 187 sq mi land parcel in Arkansas that is believed to be rich in lithium brine.

It’s all part of “Big Shovel,” a term coined by Daniel Yergin, an energy and geopolitics expert, describing the mining industry’s progressive shift from a fossil fuels focus to a critical minerals focus… particularly battery metals such as lithium. 

And it’s not just ExxonMobil.

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What’s the NEXT 10,900% Lithium Winner?

BP recently invested in StoreDot, which is focused on the design and production of ultra-fast-charging lithium-ion batteries. 

TerraLithium — a subsidiary of oil and gas giant Occidental Energy — is advancing a methodology for lithium extraction from underground brine. 

Hydrocarbon explorer Pioneer Natural Resources is seeking to pull lithium out of oilfield wastewater… and the list goes on and on. 

Big Oil... just like everyone else... now sees the proverbial writing on the wall: fossil fuels are OUT and critical minerals such as lithium are IN!

Reuters recently reported that ExxonMobil is also in talks with Tesla, Samsung, and Ford — among others — to supply lithium.

Tesla’s Elon Musk has called for investment into lithium production to ease shortages… saying those who seized the opportunity would be “basically printing money.”

Tesla along with Ford and GM are all moving ever-closer to the mining side of the industry by inking deals with lithium miners and developers — both large and small — that operate in all of the major lithium-producing regions: Australia, South America’s Lithium Triangle, and even right here in North America.

As millions of drivers around the globe continue to make the switch from gasoline-chugging cars and trucks to clean-burning EVs, demand for the lightest metal on Earth — lithium — will only go up. 

Global lithium supplier Albemarle Corp. is anticipating higher lithium prices as a result of the worldwide clean-energy shift.

Eric Norris, president of lithium at Albemarle, states, “We don’t have the confidence to know exactly ourselves what the price is going to do, but we do know this: We believe that the market will continue to be quite tight next year as well … There’ll be significant demand growth in the market, and indeed, there will be more supply growth as well, but those two will be fairly matched, right? It will be a fairly tight market.”

And while much of that growth will indeed come from EVs, the global demand surge for lithium hydroxide and lithium carbonate will be further fueled by the shift toward renewable energy systems. 

These systems are heavily reliant on lithium-ion batteries for storing electricity for later use on the grid partly due to the variable nature of wind and solar.

As a result, by 2050 — and according to estimates from the International Energy Agency (IEA) — the world will need to mine 26X more lithium than it did in 2021. Clearly, no small feat… and further adding support for higher lithium prices going forward.  

Currently, the global lithium supply chain is dominated by China, which has a long history of blocking the export of critical elements to the rest of the world whenever it meets their needs: Think “rare earths” just over a decade ago! 

This time around, North American automakers, mining firms, and other large corporations are taking matters into their own hands by preemptively securing their own future supply of the key battery metal.

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And that makes investment in the small-cap lithium exploration space all the more timely. After all, these are the boots-on-the-ground companies that are set to pull lithium from the Earth’s surface to meet rising demand. 

We particularly like the small-cap North American lithium explorers — with high-potential projects on US and/or Canadian soil — as part of an overall strategy of feeding North American supply while loosening China’s stranglehold on the industry. 

And boy do we have a pick for you!

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Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle