What Will the Fed Do Next?

Since last week: 

The debt ceiling has passed and the crisis has been averted. Now to see what the Fed will do next. 

What Will the Fed Do Next?

1. Questions About Rates

The Federal Reserve meets again in a few weeks, and whether rates will be raised again is on everyone’s mind. Going into the last meeting, it seemed like that option was off the table. Now, that isn’t a guarantee. They could pause for now, but future hikes may still be on the table. This kind of uncertain environment could present strong investment opportunities if you know how to play it. 

2. AI Comes for Wall Street

AI’s uses go far beyond text generation as the public will come to learn over the next few months. Wall Street banks are realizing this and are in a race to use various AI tools for their own purposes. They’re in a hiring frenzy, bringing on staff for a variety of roles related to AI technology. This goes to show the range of different investment opportunities AI will present to investors in the near future. 

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3. A Crypto Opportunity

Some cryptocurrencies saw their prices drop in the wake of the debt ceiling deal being reached. Bitcoin fell below the $28,000 level it had been sustaining. This creates an opportunity for investors looking to get into the space as potential market uncertainty over the coming months could have investors coming right back to digital assets.    

4. Lithium in Portugal

Mining company Savannah Resources announced that the government of Portugal has approved its Environmental Impact Assessment for what has the potential to become the largest lithium mine in Western Europe. When it starts producing, the mine could put enough lithium out there to power 500,000 electric cars per year. This is just another story showing why lithium is going to be one of the decade’s best investment stories. You’ll want to put your money in that as soon as possible. 

What to Look For:

There’s no telling what the Fed will do at its next meeting. Some are betting on a pause but more hikes could come after that.

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle