What the New All-Electric Hummer Says About the Future

It’s 8 feet wide and 18 feet long.

It weighs 9,000 pounds and costs $113,000.

One test driver called it “ridiculously large” and an “incredibly silly vehicle.”

But that same driver went on to admit that it’s also “one of the most fun cars I’ve driven this year.” 

GMC’s brand-new all-electric Hummer

I’m talking about GMC’s brand-new all-electric Hummer. It’s the first of its class for this kind of electric vehicle. It’s also one of the first larger GMC electric vehicles off the manufacturing line. (Their electric Silverado truck and Blazer SUV will be out in the fall of 2023, followed by the Sierra Denali in early 2024.)

Staying true to its legacy, the Hummer is enormous and capable. 

The new suspension system allows it to sit even higher than previous versions of the Hummer — it can even raise and lower itself based on driving conditions. 

There are also additional features that improve extreme off-road bouldering. It can raise and lift the vehicle up, helping it climb over small cliffs or uneven terrain. Worried you’re not centered on the boulder? No need to get out and check, there are cameras on the undercarriage that let you see what’s below. 

The dashboard screen also shows you the rotation speed of each wheel, so you can see exactly where you’re losing and gaining traction.

It has four-wheel steering. This includes a special “Crab Walk” feature that lets all four wheels rotate to the side, so the Hummer can drive diagonally. Parallel parking has never been easier! 

The new GMC hummer is also a convertible

The new Hummer is also a convertible. The roof has four large glass windows, which are completely removable in just a few minutes. So you can let the breeze blow back your hair as you climb off road.

The most understated feature of the new Hummer is the lithium battery.

But the most understated feature of the new Hummer is the lithium battery. 

It barely gets a mention in most articles, which are far more taken with the Hummer’s flashier features. And yet, in my opinion, it’s the battery that deserves our attention.


Because the Hummer’s new battery represents an entire shift in brand philosophy… and gives us a glimpse into why the EV revolution is so significant.

The original Hummer is one of the most notorious gas guzzlers ever made. Its original design was for extreme military use, not for peaceful civilian streets. It got just 8 miles per gallon (MPG) on the highway and just 4 MPG in the city. 

Other models made moderate improvements — the H2 gets 12 MPG, and the H3 got all the way up to 18 MPG on highways — but by almost every metric, the point of the Hummer has always been size and performance at a direct and intentional cost to efficiency. It was built to be a gas guzzler, and in the petro-dominated world in which it drove, it was always going to be a gas guzzler.

GMC’s new electric version changes all that. And not only does it change it — it turns the entire concept on its head. 

It’s a vastly more efficient machine by entire orders of magnitude. Its giant lithium battery enables it to travel more than 300 miles on a single charge.

I personally would stop short of calling it a “green” vehicle (we’ve certainly seen enough abuse of that term already!), and yet I’d say that it still changes the core ethos of the Hummer. 

Case in point, GMC has even gone so far as to completely overhaul their Detroit Hamtramck plant — renaming it Factory Zero, since it’ll move GMC closer to its stated goal of a zero-emissions assembly line. 

GMC has completely overhaul their Detroit Hamtramck plant — renaming it Factory Zero

The Hummer will be one of the first vehicles made in this next-generation production center.

It’s a different kind of factory building a different kind of Hummer. 

Gone is the enormous fire-breathing engine that was once under the hood. (Bonus: now the vehicle has extra space up front that’s large enough for a cooler and fishing tackle.)

The regular engine is gone, and now has extra space thanks to Lithium.

And it’s all thanks to the power of the lithium battery.

Its 576-cell powerpack gives it a greater amount of acceleration than a Lamborghini, and a range that would have been impossible just a few years ago.

The YouTube superstars at Engineering Explained (which now has 3.7 million followers) put together an in-depth walkthrough of how GMC achieved this feat, which includes this diagram of the giant battery pack.

The battery packs communicate wirelessly to distribute power to the engine, optimizing efficiency and maximizing capacity in real-time.

GMC’s secret? 

No wires. The battery packs communicate wirelessly to distribute power to the engine, optimizing efficiency and maximizing capacity in real-time. It seems that GMC’s billions in research and development have begun to finally pay off.

So yes, the Hummer remains an ostentatious and probably unnecessary vehicle. But it’s also a remarkable one. As the hosts of Engineering Explained concluded: “We hate that we love the Hummer EV.”

GMC's new Hummer that is fully an electric vehicle.

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John Carl

John Carl
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle