What $5 Copper Means for America

As I’m sure you’ve seen recently in the news, the price of copper has soared to the $5 mark, and continues to dance at these high levels.

While it eased a bit over the last few days, the trend is clear: copper demand is on its way up, and that demand is going to continue to push up the price.

copper graph

The reason demand has grown isn’t difficult to discover.

Just a few years ago, prices were largely driven by the need for more so-called “green technologies” like electric vehicles.

But now they’re seeing new demand from two new well-funded sources: AI and the military.

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As Fortune put it in a recent headline:

“‘Copper is the new oil,’ and prices could soar 50% as AI, green energy, and military spending boost demand.”

They also cite worrying statements from top analysts, who point to this trifecta in demand as a major shift from previous shortages.

“What’s different this time is there are now three sources of demand — AI, green energy, and the military — instead of just green energy...”

The additional demand from AI and the military have unlocked needs (and additional investment dollars) that were previously inaccessible to copper producers.

And it’s important to note that this growth in demand is led by America.

As the current leader in AI (since it’s the home of Nvidia, Microsoft, Google, and Tesla) and as the reigning military power (which is also supporting copper-hungry allies in the Ukraine and the Middle East, including Saudi Arabia) demand is now hitting never-before-seen levels.

And that’s not even the full story.

Copper’s run to $5 isn’t just because of demand, it’s also due to simultaneous shortfalls in supply, especially here in America.

New copper discoveries are dwindling — and are in danger of fading away completely.

copper discoveries graph

With no new discoveries available, that gap in supply can only grow.

So what does this mean for copper producers?

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And more importantly, what does it mean for the future of America, which now needs more copper than ever before?

Thankfully there are some positive answers underway.

Not long ago I flew to Arizona to investigate how this supply gap might be solved.

The solution is technology: new “blue water” copper leaching techniques have come far. 

So far, in fact, that they’re now powerful enough to supplant traditional mining, PLUS make use of waste rock that was previously considered “impossible” to mine.

The solution is also all-American: after decades of decline and neglect, US mining is showing signs of a true comeback.

The small copper miner I visited in Arizona is a testament to what technology and US innovation can produce.


New all-American technology makes it possible to get more copper out of this rock — and is worth billions now that copper is at $5 a pound.

And thankfully for us as investors, this copper miner also gives us a glimpse at just how lucrative this new copper market could become.

I recently put together a video presentation that explains why this Arizona copper miner is our go-to pick for making money on $5 copper.

If you’ve been looking for some positive news about America’s prospects in the global economy, this is it. 

Make it your own,

John Carl

John Carl
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle