Uranium Stocks Are On Fire! An Industry Insider's Take

The uranium bull market I've been expecting is here. The spot price of uranium is now higher than it's been in eight years, with the bulk of the gain coming in the past month. It's now over $44 per pound. Uranium stocks are moving higher as a result. And when uranium stocks move, they move quickly. So the sector is now making headlines at the Wall Street Journal as well as getting attention from the Wall Street Bets crowd.

As a long-time investor in and support of the uranium space, I reached out to Uranium Energy Corp's (NYSE: UEC) Scott Melbye. He's a 30-something year veteran of the industry, having served previously as President of Cameco Inc. and as Advisor to the CEO of Kazatomprom, the world's largest uranium producer. He's also the President of the industry group Uranium Producers of America. We talk about why the uranium space is heating up now, and where it goes from here, and what's needed to get it there, including policy and new technology.

Readers of my premium research are already up more than 100% on UEC and several other uranium stocks as this run unfolds.