Uranium Stock M&A Picks Up - Bizarro World 276

There was a billion-dollar buyout last week in the junior uranium space. 

It’s a company we recommend and own, and have been involved with for over a decade. 

In fact, I went to visit the asset of the company that just got bought out back in 2013. 

It’s a testament to how long we’ve been around and the actual boots-on-the-ground research we do. 

We recap that uranium acquisition and what it means for shareholders and the rest of the uranium industry. You can see what other uranium stocks we like here.

200 dollar uranium prices

But before that, I recap my recent trip to the Yukon and some of what I learned and who I met there. Junior mining investors will want to pay attention, as several companies were toured with significant events evolving while there. 

We also give lithium’s eulogy and discuss how to have success over time investing in small stocks despite the risks.

You get your money’s worth this week in the 276th episode of Investing in Bizarro World

You can watch the full episode here. 

0:00 Intro
1:16 Yukon Mining Tour Recap
9:52 Having Success Despite Risks in Junior Mining
15:20 Commodity Price Recap
19:48 Fission’s Patterson Lake South Fetches $1 Billion
26:32 Lithium’s Contrarian Eulogy
33:14 Market & Debate Watching