Two Catalysts for Higher Bitcoin Prices

Crypto continues to work. 

Bitcoin is now up 25% in the past month. 

Our in-house crypto expert, Chris Curl, called for the breakout in no uncertain terms. He has been telling you about two specific catalysts that were going to thaw the crypto winter.

  1. Crypto Catalyst #1: The ‘Bitcoin Halving’ in 2024
  2. Crypto Catalyst #2: Banking Chaos, CBDC Rollouts, and the Elimination of Financial Privacy

Two Catalysts for Higher Bitcoin Prices

We were early in launching his service, Crypto Cycle. It was during the crypto winter. 

But we were right on time in launching his Million Dollar Crypto Club, which coincided perfectly with the recent run we've gotten here in Bitcoin.

Bitcoin has quickly found itself at $37,000. And Chris’s catalysts aren’t even here yet. 

But they are inching closer every day. 

And you can add to that list the approval of a spot bitcoin ETF, which is now an inevitability in the next few months. That's going to create a lot of institutional buying in a commodity that has inherently limited supply.

I’ve long said that I hold Bitcoin like I hold physical gold. It's in a safe. And I view it as insurance.

So whether you want to “shoot for the moon” as this next crypto cycle emerges. 

Or you just want to get familiar with it and learn the basics.

We have you covered with this new Million Dollar Crypto Club product. 

I encourage you to sign up for it. 

Not only does it expand on the two different catalysts I mentioned here, it also goes through a few case studies on some widely held coins that Chris has had success with in the past. 

And it shows you how you can follow the model portfolio that he's putting together for what he sees as the next leg of the crypto cycle, which is up and much higher. You can learn more here.

From my own macro perspective, Bitcoin is getting some of the same tailwinds as gold as far as the fear, the government instability, and the ongoing inflation. 

Stimulus is also good for crypto. And some people forget that crypto is a global asset class. China is back to dovish and has had to begin re-stimulating its economy over the past few weeks. 

They’re having so much trouble that Xi came to pay his respects to Uncle Joe last week. 

So if there was ever a time to get involved — or at least get familiar — with the crypto sector, it’s now. 

And we’ve made it simple for you to do that. 

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Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle