The Next Uranium Stock Catalyst? - Bizarro World 221

Are AI-induced stock market gains enough to put the bear to bed for good? We give our take. Gold still looks good as it consolidates recent gains, and the miners remain cheap. Gerardo reveals what may be the next uranium market catalyst and gives his take on the resurgence of lithium stocks as well. Nick lays out why there is still more fallout ahead from the debt ceiling debacle despite a deal being reached. Plus a look at two comedic examples of government ineptitude. It’s all in episode 221 of Investing in Bizarro World

0:00 Intro
4:24 Broad Market Update
8:38 Gold Still Looking Good
10:13 The Next Uranium Catalyst?
12:30 Lithium Stocks Continue to Surge
15:55 Debt Ceiling Deal Repercussions 
20:44 Maryland License Plates & Indian Reservoirs

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