The Next Big Thing in EV Investing

We all know about the massive push electric vehicles have been receiving these past few years. 

It wasn’t that long ago that Tesla was pretty much the only one in the game. Now, every major car company has at least something to offer buyers as far as EVs go. 

They’re a much more common sight on our roads now than they were just a few short years ago. Between a wider range of options, marketing, and rebates and incentives offered by governments, more people are now buying these vehicles. 

And anyone who owns one can tell you about the advantages. Saving on gas is the big one, of course. The lower maintenance because of fewer moving parts is another huge selling point. 

The lack of emissions makes EVs central to the global fight against climate change. That is why so many countries are mandating that all cars sold be electric by a certain year. 

Then there are those who will tout the performance advantages of electric cars citing better acceleration and handling. 

Taking all of these into account, it’s easy to see why EVs are the future of driving all over the world and why combustion engines are on the way out. 

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But until recently, one advantage that only select vehicles had was the ability to provide bidirectional power. 

General Motors is getting ahead of its competition in that regard. It recently announced that all of its electric vehicles will have bidirectional vehicle-to-home charging capabilities by model year 2026.

The Next Big Thing in EV Investing

In short, that means that not only can the car’s battery pull power from the electrical grid but it can also put electricity back into the grid. 

For the average EV owner, the most immediate benefit of that is being able to use the car to power one’s home. Not only does this become useful during power outages, it can be used to provide power to the home during peak usage times. The burden on the grid is thereby reduced. 

In some cases, excess energy can actually be sold back to the grid. So EV owners could find themselves in a situation where their cars actually make them money. Some owners of solar panels are already able to do this, so it’s not out of the question that EV owners might be able to do the same in time. 

These are the kinds of benefits manufacturers will be using to get more people into EVs. 

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Bidirectional charging has been a feature in some EVs for a while but it’s only just now starting to catch on among other brands. As more consumers begin to see the value behind this technology, demand will climb just that much more. 

And with the increase in demand will come increased demand for the essential elements that power these vehicles. 

EV batteries wouldn’t be possible without copper, a resource that is becoming increasingly scarce because all of the easy sources have been mined. 

One company is advancing a chemical solution that can extract hard-to-mine copper from waste rock. This will finally make it profitable to bring to market. The timing and positioning are perfect for the coming copper boom. This company, and anyone who invests in it, will be among the big winners when copper demand skyrockets because of increasing EV demand. 

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PS: You’ll also want to stay tuned for an update in the related lithium space. A tiny, little-known company is sitting on a massive deposit of a new grade of lithium that will go a long way in making the EV revolution possible. 

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle