The Most Fertile Ground for Tenbaggers

If the supply chain bottleneck wasn't enough of a headwind to predictable growth... We now have an uptick in delta-variant related covid cases and a staffing shortage across the country.

Here in Austin — where we’ve been open for months — one of my favorite restaurants won’t open for another month or two as they simply can’t find enough staff to cover every shift.

American Airlines recently canceled over 100 flights out of Austin because there wasn’t enough staff to get the planes to and from where they needed to go.

The total employment level remains 7.13 million below where it was in February 2020.

People have pointed to unemployment benefits as a primary reason for the lack of urgency to get back to work.

Others have cited concerns over COVID as many have still not been — and may not get — vaccinated.

Whatever the case, unemployment benefits will soon start to expire and employers will soon start requiring people to get back to the office.

We’ll then start getting real employment numbers, real personal savings numbers, and a more accurate reflection of the health of the economy. 

While certain economists and journalists point to the recent drop in lumber prices as proof that inflation is transitory, the CRB index just hit a 5-year high.

In other commodity news, the surge in lithium prices that started in November continues to accelerate. 

When the lithium price moves, it tends to do so in a pretty dramatic fashion (to the downside and upside).

Right now, we are in an upward price surge that I don’t see any signs of slowing down until at least 2023 or 2024.

On the copper front, the recent pullback in the spot price to a still very healthy $4.20 per pound is just that — a pullback. 

Global consumption of copper currently stands at approximately 30 million tonnes.

By the year 2050, Glencore’s CEO believes production will have to double to meet demand. Not hard to get that trend right. 

It’s much easier to allocate capital when you have mega trends behind you and much easier to maximize gains when you’re able to identify an early stage opportunity early in that megatrend’s cycle.

Which is exactly what Nick Hodge has been able to do time and time again.

Back in 2016 Nick was positioning subscribers in an early stage lithium play that went on to deliver 1,000% plus gains.

He’s done it with copper. 

He did it with energy nearly a year ago. 

And I believe he’s about to do it again with a little-known company that has the potential to deliver phenomenal gains in the next two months with a commodity that he calls “star gas”.

It’s a fascinating but opaque market that makes it very difficult to find ways to play it. 

Here’s one Nick thinks has a shot at being his next tenbagger. 

Let's get it!

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle

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