The intelligent way to private placement investing

A string of very, very exciting private placement opportunities is lining up for 2H 2024 for accredited investors who sign up for our Private Placement Intel service

The service is run by our in-house experts Nick Hodge and Gerardo Del Real, who’ve booked countless private placement wins in recent years. That includes Patriot Battery Metals, which rose by an eye-popping 10,000% from the initial private placement entry-point at C$0.16 to its 2023 peak around C$17 per share.

That initial financing also came equipped with a warrant at C$0.25 per Patriot share, further underpinning the incredible profit potential some of these deals can provide over the longer-term. 

Of course, not every deal is a Patriot… so the guys recommend participating in multiple placements per year to sort of average out the risk/reward proposition.  

Each year, Nick and Gerardo vet scores of private placement opportunities, typically moving forward on anywhere between 8 and 15 annually and bringing them exclusively to Private Placement Intel subscribers.

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The next several quarters promise to be equally robust as things continue to heat up across the commodities landscape… particularly in key metals such as copper, gold, lithium, and uranium.

Plus, the private placement opportunities included in the service go well beyond the resource space, spanning into other high-profit-potential sectors such as biotech, cannabis, and emerging technologies — to name just a few! 

Most importantly, Nick and Gerardo vet each and every deal offered in Private Placement Intel themselves… and they also have skin-in-the-game by investing in the deals themselves.

That means they’re only presenting private placement opportunities that they too have a vested interest in seeing succeed… and they never take a finder’s fee nor accept any other compensation for bringing the deals to Private Placement Intel subscribers. 

As part of that level playing field, their sole interest is in making money on the performance of the share positions held in their accounts and offering that exact same opportunity at the exact same time to Private Placement Intel subscribers. 

For example, the most recent deal offered by Nick and Gerardo, which just closed earlier this week, was a district-scale copper discovery opportunity in Peru.

The company is Hannan Metals, and the placement was so successful and had so much buying interest (with Nick and Gerardo both taking a sizable chunk!) that it ended up being oversubscribed to the tune of 72% from an initial goal of C$2.2M to ultimately being capped at C$3.8M.

What do Gerardo and this billionaire have in common?

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Nick and Gerardo both see Hannan as having the potential to deliver multiple company-making copper discoveries in the coming years by way of the drill-bit. In fact, the district-scale potential of the company’s two co-flagship projects is so immense that industry giants Teck and JOGMEC have come in at equity and joint venture levels, respectively. 

The company is run by a gentleman, Michael Hudson, who boasts a history of discovery success on multiple continents across multiple commodities, including an emerging high-grade gold discovery in Australia by Mawson Gold subsidiary Southern Cross Gold. 

And that goes straight into the critical importance of management also having significant skin-in-the-game. Nick and Gerardo boast an extensive network of serially successful CEOs and execs, and they use that deep talent pool to bring private placement opportunities wherein management’s interests are aligned with shareholder interests. 

It’s also worth noting that many of these deals end up having multiple financings over time, so there may very well be a secondary private placement opportunity with Hannan Metals in the next year or so.

Integral to the Private Placement Intel service, Nick and Gerardo provide a detailed write-up on every pending private placement opportunity, giving you a comprehensive look at the company, as well as the details of the offering, well ahead of time as part of a valuable jumpstart to your own due diligence

Naturally, you choose the deals you wish to participate in, and there’s never any pressure to participate in any private placement. 
Once a deal closes and the shares are in your account, Nick and Gerardo don’t disappear. They continue covering each company, including sharing their opinion on how and where they see things going, whether or not they’re exercising their warrants, when they’re selling, and so on.  

Bitcoin is on the rise... and nobody can stop it

During the last 3 Bitcoin halvings, smart investors who were in the know made fortunes. This genius price mechanism (written into Bitcoin’s original code) controls inflation and boosts price. It’s been proven to turn investors into millionaires. The effects of the halving are already underway... there’s no time to waste if you want in on the gains.

The guys are also available to answer any questions you may have about the requirements for being an accredited investor, the deals themselves, filling out forms, etc. 

I don’t know of any other private placement service that offers that same level of personal touch. And best of all, both Nick and Gerardo are more than happy to do it. 

So, if you’re interested in learning more about the vast wealth-building potential of investing in private placements via our Private Placement Intel service… simply click here to get started.

Yours in profits,

Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle