The Fed Pauses While Crypto Flies

Since last week: 

The Fed met this week and the market took its decision as good news. Now we’ll see if that lasts. 

The Fed Pauses While Crypto Flies

1. Solana Taking the Lead

Cryptocurrencies are surging across the board. While Bitcoin is getting most of the attention, Solana is also making massive moves. It’s one of the lesser-known coins, which means it has some of the biggest potential for making its investors rich. Our crypto expert Chris Curl has already guided his readers to a big win in Solana and he’s positioned in other coins to continue that streak. Learn all about how he’s doing it by clicking here. 

2. A Fed Pause

At its most recent meeting, the Federal Reserve declined to raise rates for the second consecutive time. It’s too early to say if this will end the rate hikes because the Fed is still well off of its target of 2% for inflation. Chairman Powell said he still thinks growth needs to slow to get closer to that target. As an investor, that means it’s still in your interest to invest defensively. Click here to learn about how you can do that. 

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3. Big Money Buys Uranium

Now the hedge funds are buying into uranium, which means the bull is just getting started. The big money is backing some of the few players who can provide the necessary fuel for nuclear reactors, so investors will want to get in before the sector really takes off. Learn all about one of the best uranium plays here. 

4. Gold Holds

Gold’s surge is also continuing. It inched above $2,000 per ounce before pulling back slightly but it has held close to that number for the past few days. This is another sector you’ll want to get in on as soon as possible so learn about one of the best ways to get into gold by clicking here. 

What to Look For:

The economy continues to boom but consumer confidence is trending in the opposite direction. That could spell long-term trouble.

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Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle