The Fed Is Trapped

Gerardo Del Real here, your editor of Junior Resource Monthly, with some exciting news.

The August issue is ready to go. 

Junior Resource Monthly August issue- gold stocks and fed policy.

This is a critical time for the resource space. 

The Fed continues to hike interest rates. 

But in Jerome Powell’s most recent speech I noticed some blinking as he stares down the oncoming train that is a recession.

I'll go over why I think we can use that to our advantage in the rest of Q3 and most definitely in Q4.

I'll talk with you a bit about why investing in major gold companies, versus what's perceived to be the higher-risk-higher-reward juniors doesn't always provide you a hedge against a 50% drop in share price. 

There are plenty of opportunities out there. I'll get into my approach a little bit. 

I'll of course get into all of the portfolio news.

There's two types of companies right now:

  • There are companies that are delivering blockbuster results.
  • And there are companies that are waiting for a better market. 

This end of the year is going to be extremely consequential for allocating capital given the sell-offs we’ve seen already this year and the tax loss selling that is likely coming. So we'll talk about that. 

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Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle