The Economic Cycle Continues to Play Out as Advertised - Bizarro World 217

The Fed raised rates again and banks continue to fail as the current economic cycle continues to play out. None of this is news for ardent listeners of this podcast or readers of our premium newsletters. A look at the commodity markets through the lens of copper, lithium, precious metals, and uranium. Tech stocks have been volatile as layoffs and AI narratives mount. Public servants continue to use their positions to get rich. The changing landscape in media as major personalities are fired and smaller outlets go bankrupt. A word on the looming debt ceiling fight. It’s all in Investing in Bizarro World episode 217.

0:00 Intro
1:40 The Fed, Banks, and the Economic Cycle
7:38 Copper, Lithium, Precious Metals, Uranium
13:29 Tech Names, Volatility, Layoffs, AI
19:32 Public Servants Getting Rich
23:54 The Changing Landscape in Media
26:42 Market Watching: Earnings & Debt Ceiling

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