The Biggest Gold Discovery of My Career

I don’t always invest in gold. 

But when I do, I tend to make a killing. 

The Biggest Gold Discovery of My Career.

Being blindly bullish on any stock or asset class is a recipe for disaster. Especially in highly cyclical sectors like metals and the extremely volatile stocks within it. 

In fact, most gold stocks are terrible investments. And you’re usually better off sticking with the yellow metal itself. 

When gold went on its record-breaking run after the global financial crisis in 2008, it easily outpaced a basket of gold stocks picked by the smartest professionals. 

And since then, gold has continued to outperform gold stocks — even through the most recent bull run in 2020.

But “usually” isn’t “always.” 

If you can do two things well, you can use gold stocks to generate historic wealth-generating returns. The kind that don’t just far outpace gold itself, but the rest of the stock market as well. 

  1. Get timing on your side. 
  2. Select the fastest gold stocks in a very crowded herd. 

I’ve been fortunate enough to do both a few times for going on a decade now. Here are two examples from gold’s last two bull cycles…

When the Fed last raised interest rates, in December 2015, a counterintuitive gold bull market quickly followed. And I immediately began positioning my readers accordingly. 

In February 2016, we began buying a new gold issue called K92 Mining, which had just acquired a past-producing mine from Barrick with all the infrastructure in place. We began buying it at 35-cents. 

Over the next few months, it climbed to $2.21, delivering 531% gains to anyone who followed my recommendation. Gold went up 14% in the same time. 

After that initial run, K92 surged to over $10.50. So anyone who followed me in at 35-cents had the chance to make as much as 30X their money. 

More recently, when gold started breaking out in the second half of 2019, I again wasted no time getting readers positioned. We bought shares of Rupert Resources at 85-cents in September 2019 to capitalize on the trend as it was on to a very large new gold discovery in Finland.

A year later, gold had risen some 33% to new all-time highs above $2,070 per ounce. In that same time, Rupert leapt to $6.21, handing us 630% gains in the process. 

After that, I turned bearish on gold stocks, selling stocks for significant gains and telling others to do so as well, even while most analysts remained bullish.


DPC 9-1-22 1.png

Hindsight proved that call correct as well, as gold has struggled for the past two years even amid record inflation and money printing. 

But now, as we head into Autumn 2022, it is time to buy select gold stocks once again. 

I expect gold to make another bullish run over the next few months, and I’ve been hard at work unearthing the very best stocks to play it. 

And in the process, I think I’ve made the biggest gold stock discovery of my career. It’s a tiny gold developer, similar to the ones I just described, but it has a very big secret. 

I think it could end up being one of the largest gold discoveries in America and hand investors the biggest gains of the year — or even of the entire decade. 

I’ve read the geologist reports, the independent surveys, and studied the 150-year history of the mining district it’s in, which is one of the most well-endowed gold areas in the world. 

But so you could get a sense of its potential for yourself, I made a fact-finding site visit earlier this summer and produced a documentary about just how big this gold deposit could be… and how much money you could make from it. 

And on September 8th, I’m having an invitation-only screening of it. 

This is your invitation to see America’s next biggest gold mine… before anyone else knows about it. 

Intro to America’s Next Biggest Gold Mine.

Just click here to claim your spot for the premiere, and I’ll follow up with details via email when you do. 

I look forward to showing you what I’ve found and how much it could make us as investors. 


Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle