Summer Stock Selections - June Foundational Profits Issue

The stock market remains near all-time highs

Here’s how to position your portfolio for what’s next.

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The kids are out of school.

Summer is starting.

It's a typical vacation season, but it is not a sell-in-May year.

The stock market continues to hit new all-time highs on the back of technology and artificial intelligence stocks.

At Foundational Profits, our portfolio is now full of our typical twenty allocations, as we have been deploying cash since January and February to harness this market upside that is now occurring.

We're doing that in multiple market sectors.

We're doing that in utilities. We're doing that in consumer staples. We're doing that in energy. We're doing that in copper. And we're doing that in gold and other sectors as well.

That’s why the June issue is all about positioning.

The macro situation hasn't changed much since last month.

Literally, the inflation number came out at 0.0% month over month, no change. So the higher inflation remains with us.

Meanwhile, economic growth remains in healthy territory. The labor market remains okay as well.

And the Fed is becoming less relevant as market fundamentals and macro factors dictate what's going on with the stock market, commodities, and other asset classes.

This month, I get in-depth into individual positions. We do news updates.

We talk about tobacco stocks and dividends.

And I talk about exactly how much I own of each position and, in some cases, why I'm increasing or decreasing that allocation this month.

You should know by now that Foundational Profits is about exactly what I'm doing with my long-term wealth.

I write about the moves I'm making, the allocations I'm making, and the positions I'm investing in in Foundational Profits every single month.

We had four new recommendations in May. I recap those in this issue.

And then I give you a personal note about sizing, timing, dividends, and strategy, and how to use the letter so you can incorporate it into your philosophy and strategy, or outright duplicate what I'm doing to have success with long-term investing and retirement investing.

This is a very detailed positioning issue. And those are sometimes more interesting because you really get insights into exactly what I own and how much of it and why.

So it’s a great month to get acquainted with Foundational Profits if you're not already and I would love to welcome you as a new member.

Just complete the form below to get started.

I hope you pay attention to the June issue of Foundational Profits by checking it out below.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle