Single Best Copper Explorer of the Next 3-5 Years - Bizarro World 273

You are searching for radical transparency and authenticity. 

We have it in spades. 

Take this investment we’re making right now as an example. 

Gerardo has gone on record saying it’s the biggest check he’s written so far in his career. 

And this comes on the heels of making himself, his family, and our subscribers millions of dollars in previous private placements. 

This week, we put it all out there. 

We’ve seen too many other pretend gurus and newsletter editors out there playing with paper portfolios with no skin in the game. 

Why We’re Putting $1M in a Tiny Copper Stock

We’re putting $1 million into a tiny copper stock. 

It’s in a remote area of the world with metals “oozing” out of the rock. 

You can invest alongside us on the same terms. 

Details here.

In this week’s episode of Investing in Bizarro World, we talk about our experience with and winnings from private placements. And while we don’t like bragging, Gerardo talks about the lazy river he just built around his second home. 

And we talk about how it doesn’t get any more transparent or authentic than inviting you to participate in the same deals we are financing on the same terms. 

Again, Gerardo is writing the biggest check of his career this month. I am participating as well. 

We go over the deal and how you can participate in this free webinar

It was attended by several readers like you who asked questions, so those may be of particular interest to you. 

The rest of this week’s episode is spent discussing the record high stock market and what’s driving it, an exciting new discovery another one of our portfolio companies has made, and some Durango storytime. 

It’s all in the 273rd episode of Investing in Bizarro World. You can watch the full episode here. 

0:00 Intro
1:13 Roaring Kitty & Record High Stock Market
6:53 Biggest Check of My Career 
28:03 Bravo Mining Onto IOCG Discovery
35:52 Durango Storytime 
39:20 Market Watching: Uranium, Lithium