Shutdowns and Property Crises

Since last week: 

Markets continue to hurt and the government heads for shutdown. 

Shutdowns and Property Crises

1.The Shutdown

There’s little chance that a government shutdown will be avoided at this point. How long a shutdown will be or how much of an effect it will have remains to be seen. Whatever happens, this is a good reminder that these sorts of events have the potential to affect your personal wealth, unless you work to safeguard against them. 

2. China’s Troubles

China is in the midst of a property crisis, and economists think it could take up to a decade to fix. It’s a sign of the country’s broader economic struggles, which could easily ripple out and affect that rest of the world. It ties into the resource space, and you can learn more about that connection here.

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3. Nuclear + AI

Microsoft is looking to marry AI and nuclear power. The company wants to use next-generation nuclear reactors to power the data centers it uses for artificial intelligence. AI uses a lot of power and nuclear energy generates a lot of it without carbon emissions. This could be the start of a trend. If you invest in uranium suppliers, it could be a trend you can profit from.

4. Truck Stop Retooling

As America slowly transitions to electric vehicles, the nation’s truck stops are retooling themselves for this new era. Among other things, that means adding places for these vehicles to charge. It’s going to become a common sight before you know it. One way to get ahead of the change is to buy lithium, the one mineral that’s going to be crucial to the shift to EVs. 

What to Look For:

The UAW strike continues and is expanding. This will be one of several factors that weighs down on the markets in the coming weeks.

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle