Select small-cap resource stocks are beginning to gain traction in the commodity supercycle

The times they are a-changin’. One of my favorite Dylan songs is exactly what’s going on in the resource space. 

My business partner, colleague and friend Nick Hodge recently premiered our commodity supercycle webinar on exactly how the landscape is changing and why it’s so important to position ahead of it.

It hasn’t taken long for the portfolio to start moving decisively. 

One silver-gold company we featured is up over 100% this past week and still has quadruple-digit gain potential.

Another gold company is onto one of the most exciting discoveries in some time with a level of grade and scale that’s rare anywhere in the world. This discovery happens to be in a top-notch jurisdiction. It’s up over 50% the past three months after being down 50% for over a year. 

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The last three positions I’ve recommended are all up and headed much higher. I don’t highlight this to brag. You see, here’s the kicker… as well as some of those positions have done, several still have not gained traction for a variety of reasons. Reasons that include muted market sentiment for anything other than tech companies and crypto plays.

That’s now changing and the change is going to lead to triple and quadruple-digit gains in many more stocks in the portfolio. Will they all work? No. But quality work, assets, and discoveries will be rewarded richly, and the one variable we haven’t had for some time in the commodity space is positive market sentiment. 

The recent bear market in junior resource stocks has turned many off to the sector. Many will be back after the initial 100%, 200%, 300% gains are made. Much like the uranium and lithium sector here recently where many missed triple and quadruple-digit gains and then bought in right before a healthy consolidation.

The commodity supercycle is here… and many of the shortages we’ll experience during this cycle are structural where much higher prices will be necessary to incentivize supply. Supply that cannot come online fast enough. 

It’s going to be a very profitable cycle. Get positioned.

Let’s get it! 

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle