See how we're positioning for consistent triple-digit wins in the AI race

Big Tech has been driving all of the market’s recent upward moves in a trend that’s set to continue not just in the coming quarters but in the coming years.

The main driver of these record highs? AI (Artificial Intelligence).

The arrival and ongoing development of AI is so big and so potentially lucrative to the broader tech space that Apple is now making a grandiose bid to rebrand Artificial Intelligence as “Apple Intelligence.” We’ll see how that goes over.

In terms of market size, the global AI market chimed in at roughly $200B at the end of the last quarter and is speeding toward $2T-plus by the end of 2032. 

With breakneck growth like that, the forthcoming gains promise to be truly spectacular for those in-the-know.

To that end, our own John Carl and Chris Curl of Digital Dispatch fame have been carving out some fantastic Tech/AI winners for subscribers, including being very early to the Nvidia party with a recent 580% win.

Nvidia chart

Beyond the big gains from Big Tech, the more consistent and potentially even larger profit opportunities will be coming from the smaller-cap AI innovators with in-demand proprietary AI tech. 

John and Chris are red-hot on that megatrend as well, and, in just the last few months, have been proving it with gains like:

  • 121%+ on an AI cloud services company
  • 123%+ on audio AI company SoundHound (NASDAQ: SOUN)
  • 235%+ on a small AI firm named Innodata (NASDAQ: INOD)

Suffice to say, our dynamic duo is on a serious roll!

And hot off the press in their July issue of Digital Dispatch, the guys unveil their latest tech/AI recommendation, which they’re hailing as the “Perfect” data center.

80% of the World’s Copper Was “Impossible” to Mine… Until Now

The majority of the world’s copper is trapped in low-grade waste rock. Billions of dollars of reserves are just sitting there — and for hundreds of years, traditional mining has considered it “impossible” to recover.

But technology is changing all of this. A powerful new “blue water” formula can pull the copper drip-by-drip out of the waste, unlocking billions’ worth of new copper. Traditional mining is falling behind… let me show you why “blue water” changes everything.

Obviously, I can’t give away the company name here (you need to become a paid subscriber for that!) but let’s just say it’s where advanced AI processing and crypto mining merge. And yeah, they know a thing or two about crypto too!

This company’s technology is in such high demand that the buyout offers are already stacking up, to which they’re politely saying, no thanks! That’s because they know their proprietary tech is worth so much more, and they don’t want to sell their shareholders short.

That’s the kind of shareholder-friendly strategy John and Chris can get behind!

And it’s just one more reason why I wanted to take this opportunity to alert you to Digital Dispatch where John and Chris routinely cut through the noise to bring you unbiased research and exclusive tech-AI recommendations that are easy to follow.

They also make everything readily accessible in the Digital Dispatch model portfolio where subscribers can see exactly what’s being bought and sold — and at what price.

Folks, the way this market segment is continuing to trend, there’s little doubt that more triple-digit and possibly even some quadruple-digit winners are well on the way.

So if you want to find out why Elon Musk is fuming at Apple… and what you should be buying next in the tech/AI space… simply click here to see what’s on offer in the monthly pages of Digital Dispatch.

Yours in profits,

Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle