Russia and Commodities

Gerardo Del Real here, editor of Junior Resource Monthly with some exciting news. The July issue of Junior Resource Monthly is ready to go. 

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It's an interesting one because as the summer doldrums arrive and dominate the junior resource space, there's a lot of interesting market activity that I think you can really use to your advantage. 

We're going to talk about Russia possibly being commodities’ best friend. And so despite the human toll that the invasion of Ukraine by Russia has unfortunately had, obviously there are some very important macro considerations as it relates to the commodities market. 

I think there's a way for us to play that profitably, especially during the summer months where liquidity will continue to be an issue for a lot of companies. Meaning if you're patient and you ease into positions, you should be adding at pretty attractive entry points and/or initiating positions at very attractive entry points.

So that's something to watch for. 

We're going to talk about a recession. We're going to talk about volatility. And we're going to talk about why it matters. 

We had a conversation several months ago about liquidity and how you should be ready to withstand a summer where it's a bit quieter. People are back outside, people are excited to be outside. 

And so a lot of the price action that you'll see in the market over the next couple of months is not going to be indicative of the value of many of these companies. We want to be able to take advantage of that and be able to block out the noise. 

I'll get into all of the portfolio news. I'll also share a whisper or two that I've heard on a Junior Resource Monthly copper-gold company that I really like that looks to be back in play. And I think we'll know here in the next month or two what the likelihood is for a 10-bagger with that stock. If you’re patient and things play out the way I hope they do, it’s extremely likely. 

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I think the second half of this year is going to be extremely exciting, especially for lithium and uranium — and then later in the year for copper and gold. 

So be safe. Enjoy your month. Enjoy your summer.

I hope to see you soon.

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle