Protecting Your Retirement

For too many Americans, the idea of retirement seems like a pipe dream. 

Many are simply trying to keep their heads above water and make it to the next day. They don’t have the luxury of thinking about the next few decades and what their financial status will be then. It’s been like this for a while, and it seems like the recession brought on by the pandemic just made things worse. 

And now, with near-record inflation that doesn’t seem to be going away anytime soon, the number of people in that predicament is only going up. 

A recent article by CNBC pointed out that 25% of Americans are delaying their retirement because of inflation. The article pointed out the usual suspects that are squeezing American pockets: Rent, groceries, and gasoline. Because the prices in these three areas have gone up as much as they have, a quarter of the people surveyed say they have disrupted saving to deal with increased prices. 

In particular, those who are near retirement age didn’t factor rising prices into their plans. Budgets and timelines have been thrown into disarray. 

Americans of all ages, from those just finishing college to those who are ready to close the book on long careers, are affected by this. But this rising inflation, paired with a volatile stock market, has painted a grim picture. 

We already know that many Americans, 6 in 10 according to some sources, weren’t able to handle a $500 emergency before this inflation started showing. With more money going to every cost related to simply living, that’s another statistic likely to grow. It’s another sign that the system just isn’t working for many people. 

And no amount of cutting subscription services, driving less, buying generic, or changing insurance is going to get anyone out of the hole. 

Instead, the answer is to take what money you do have and put it to work. 

In this era of runaway government spending and skyrocketing costs, investors with the money to spare have options. Even with entire sectors getting pummeled and big-name companies posting lower earnings quarter after quarter, there are plays in the market that have upside. 

That increased government spending that we’ve been seeing hasn’t just been for stimulus checks. It’s also been put toward a long-needed revamping of the country’s aging infrastructure. 

And that infrastructure needs its core components to function. If you’ve been in a hardware store in the past few months, you already know how much more lumber costs. You definitely know how much more oil and gas cost now. And while you may not see it directly, you’re also being affected by rising costs in things like aluminum, copper, and other metals that we rely on for things we use every day. 

While there’s nothing you can do about these rising prices, you can get your share of the wealth as these prices climb. 

Investing in commodities is one of the very few ways anyone can get ahead in this economy. The key is finding and putting your money into the small companies that mine these commodities and bring them to market. 

a commodity in which someone invests

Because these companies are small and deal in products that are in high demand, the potential for massive gains is there. 

There are specific plays you can put your money into to protect your wealth for generations to come. Resources and commodities are experiencing a bull market that’s being supercharged by inflation, and it’s just the beginning. 

There’s no better time than right now to make sure your wealth is secure when a growing number of people are finding it harder to do that. 

Learn all the details about this commodity market and the resource plays that have the chance for historic gains right here. 

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle