Protect Your Portfolio with This Year End Recession Guidance - Bizarro World 198

We told you there would be no pivot. What do higher interest rates and a mounting recession mean for stocks and the dollar? Should you be buying gold now? We answer those questions. Plus a Trump announcement you may have missed and why there’s no shortage of government hypocrisy. And a healthy dose of uranium and lithium talk amid a flurry of recent news about nuclear fusion and new battery commitments from major automakers. This is episode 198 of Bizarro World.

1:46 Fed Hikes & Bear Market Continues: What Interest Rates & Recession Mean for You
6:15 Should You Be Buying Gold Now?
14:53 Trump's Huge Announcement & Ongoing Government Hypocrisy 
19:02 SBF’s Vegan Prison Diet & Continued FTX Crypto Fallout
22:22 Nuclear Fusion’s Premature Congratulations and Uranium Tax Loss Season
33:06 Lithium Bull Case Mounts