Profiting from Mixed Market Signals

Since last week: 

Gold and Crypto have been enjoying bull markets while the bear goes after everything else, even as reports say the economy is growing. 

Profiting from Mixed Market Signals

1. The Crypto Thaw

The uptrend that cryptocurrency has been experiencing over the past week could be a signal that the Crypto Winter is over and Crypto Spring is about to begin. Many analysts think that ETF approval is close, which would mean another surge in value for Bitcoin and many other coins. Learn all about what coins you should be watching and how you can get in on the trend with this educational series. 

2. A Hardy Economy

Consumer spending for the last quarter caused the economy to grow at a 4.9% pace, meaning the economy is continuing to show resilience. This is the kind of news that makes it possible the Fed will raise interest rates at its next meeting. Click here to learn about the strategies you can adopt to combat the pain that would come with that.

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3. Unstoppable Green Energy

According to the International Energy Agency, we’ve reached a point where this is no turning back from the global shift to clean energy. Its forecast puts 10 times more electric vehicles on the road and sees demand for fossil fuels continuing to drop. With everything that’s being done, the pace still needs to increase. All of this means that demand for copper, a key component in green tech, is only going to continue going up. Learn all about the one investment that lets you profit from that demand by clicking here. 

4. The Gold Bull is Back?

Like cryptocurrency, Gold has been enjoying a bull market thanks to geopolitical uncertainty, and some see this as a rally that could continue as the uncertainty continues to weigh on markets. Investors all over are suddenly remembering that gold is a traditional haven and are acting accordingly. Click here to learn about the one gold investment that could help you profit from this trend.  

What to Look For:

The Fed meets next week. We’ll see what actions they take on rate hikes.

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle