Profiting from Crypto and Energy Investments

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The market is sobering up to the end of the summer rally as things get worse for the average consumer. 

Profiting from Crypto and Energy Investments

1. Bitcoin Inflows

There’s chatter that Bitcoin ETFs could be approved sooner than later and that could lead to massive inflows in the sector. According to Blockchain analytics firm CryptoQuant, it could be as much as $155 Billion. This could lead the market to grow to $1 Trillion. The crypto winter is nearing its end, making now the perfect time to buy into the asset. Click here to learn about how you can get into the cryptocurrency sector before it takes off and realizes its full profit potential.   

2. Increasing Hydrogen Storage

Hydrogen storage is going to be one of the next big winners in the energy sector. As renewable energy becomes more widespread, hydrogen, which can be used to store excess renewable energy, will be more sought after. Not many people know about this yet, but they will before long. Click here to learn all about why this sector is going to take off and what you can do to buy in now. 

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3. $3.5 Billion for Energy

The Biden administration recently announced $3.5 billion in grants for projects to protect and upgrade the country’s aging energy infrastructure. This is a massive undertaking that is going to make a lot of investors wealthy. One way to play it is copper as it is one of the most widely-used elements of electrical infrastructure, and these projects are going to need a lot of it at a time when there’s a shortage. Click here to learn all about the company that is sitting on copper reserves that will have everyone coming to them. 

4. 300,000 EVs

For the first time ever, EV quarterly sales topped 300,000. That milestone was reached last quarter and is a nearly 50% increase from the same period last year. That, combined with lower prices, prove that EVs are going to be the norm before long. There is still time to profit from lithium, which the car companies will need to keep this trend up. Click here to learn all about the lithium supplier you can buy into that will profit greatly from this boom. 

What to Look For:

Chairman Powell says inflation is still too high. That’s all but a guarantee of more rate hikes on the way. 

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle