Profiting from AI’s Untapped Potential

AI mania has gripped the market. I don’t need to tell you that. 

Related headlines are the thing that analysts and market watchers are talking about. Everyone is trying to get in on it. 

With all of this comes a lot of talk about what AI can currently do and what speculators think it might be able to do in the future. 

Profiting from AI’s Untapped Potential.

Everything from consumer electronics to entertainment has been brought up when discussing how game-changing AI will be. But there is one area that’s set to get a lot more mainstream attention soon. 

While the practice has been going on for a while, developments involving AI and biotech may soon start hitting the mainstream. 

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Last week, news came out that Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) made a $50 million investment in Recursion (NASDAQ: RXRX), a biotech firm that specializes in drug discovery. That investment sent the company’s shares up by nearly 80%, showing just how quickly a stock can take off with the right catalyst. 

In essence, what Recursion does is use artificial intelligence to aid in the discovery of drugs. Its AI tools help identify which preexisting or novel molecules will most likely be effective in treating various diseases. 

The company also maintains a massive dataset that it claims includes up to 3.1 trillion different relationships between components. Some of these individual pieces of data could be used for further drug development by pharmaceutical companies that are clients of Recursion. This can help these client companies reduce costs associated with developing new drugs. It also makes it possible for these companies to get their products out faster, thus saving more lives. 

These are the kinds of benefits that attract investors to artificial intelligence in the biotech field, and it’s why the technology is set to be something that reshapes the industry. 

Nvidia obviously liked what they saw in Recursion, and that $50 million investment will go a long way toward legitimizing its platform. These sorts of actions ripple out into the sector in general, and very soon you might see analysts and investors taking a closer look at other drug discovery firms that are using AI to speed up their processes and cut down on discovery times. 

This is a big leap forward for the biotech industry but it also shows that AI hasn’t even come close to reaching its full potential. 

It can still be considered an emerging technology but its wide range of applications means there are plenty of ways to make money from it. 

And while there is still plenty of ground to cover in the biotech field, AI has been firmly embedded in the security sector for a while now. 

Plenty of home security products use some kind of artificial intelligence. Over time, that has spread to wide use in the area of public safety as well. 

For the most part, it is discreet. It’s either designed in such a way that most people never notice or it’s integrated into existing security networks. 

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It’s how authorities can do things like detect weapons and single out known bad actors before they have the chance to do anything. The technology has proven critical to keeping schools, stadiums, theaters, and other public spaces secure. And it can be scaled up. 

One company did just that. It used AI-powered security to reduce crime throughout an entire neighborhood in Mexico City. Over a span of three years, crime was reduced by 45%, showing just how effective this technology can be at scale. 

Now it wants to apply that same technology to the streets of the US. 

The terrible reality is that crime and mass shootings are out of control in parts of the country. AI-powered security like this can help solve the problem. 

Learn more about what this company can do and why it will be one of the leaders in AI security. 

After you learn about its successes in Mexico, you’ll see just why it could take off here in the US.

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle