Profit from This Private Placement Where 500X Gains Exist

I told you earlier this week that I was writing a check into a new private deal at 20 cents.

That stock has been up to 28 cents this week, meaning we're up 40% on paper before the deal even closes. 

That deal, which is in a precious metals exploration company, closes at the end of this month. So there’s still time for members of Hodge Family Office to participate if you hurry. 

But it’s another private placement I’m participating in this week that I wanted to tell you about today.

My Best Private Placement Ever

The best investment I’ve ever been involved with is ImmunoPrecise Antibodies. 

I participated in a round when it was still private at C$0.05. After consolidating 5-for-1 to go on the Nasdaq, it ran as high as C$26.48 in 2020. 

That’s 10,092% from bottom to top. That kind of return turns every $10,000 you invest into over $1 million. 

And members of Hodge Family Office were in for a portion of that run.


ImmunoPrecise Antibodies Chart

Many things have to go right for returns like that to happen in the small cap space. And one group in my network has been able to spot those things early a few times. 
Over the course of the past eight years, I’ve had several deals come my way that this group has been involved in, and the winners far outweigh the losers. 
Even the few deals that ended up not going entirely according to plan had ample opportunity for early investors to exit profitably. 

The “losers” include Pioneering Technology, which went from C$0.075 to C$1.50 in two years’ time before completing the round trip. Same with Lite Access Technologies, which went from C$0.40 to C$3.75 in the same amount of time before doing the same thing. 

Lots of people would love to see some “losers” like that.

But the winners have been even bigger and more sustainable. I mentioned ImmunoPrecise. There’s also Hamilton Thorne, the animal breeding specialist. It’s been a C$0.05 to C$2.20 ride and the business continues to grow.


Hamilton Thorne Chart

And then there’s Xpel. It went from under US$0.20 to over $100 in ten years. That’s over a 50,000% gain, or 500 times your money. It turns every $10,000 invested into over $5 million.


Xpel Inc. Chart

Xpel produces protective films for cars, boats, and homes. It currently has a market cap over $1.1 billion with 600 employees doing $260 million in annual sales.
The private company I’m financing this week operates in a similar category as Xpel and in some ways has a chance to be even bigger. 
It's in the nanotech coating space. 
It has one coating that can prevent windshields from cracking. That’s expected to be a $175 billion business globally by 2030 thanks to the new sensing technology being embedded in windshields. 
It’s also working on a coating that will prevent frost from forming. 
And it can also inject this nanotechnology into military uniforms so they don't show up on infrared cameras, for example. They already have a military contract for that.
Like I said, Xpel went from 20-cents to over $100. 
And this company has the potential to be even bigger. 
Private deals like this are how I've made the bulk of my investment wealth.
This one isn’t even public yet. 
That’s why I’m participating in this private round ahead of the IPO.
Accredited investors who are members of Hodge Family Office are also participating.
Learn more about becoming a member here.

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle