Profit from Europe’s Nuclear Energy Push

Much like here in the US, it can be tough to get the member states of the European Union all to agree on one thing. 

That much was proven earlier this week when the European Commission presented a plan to label some nuclear power as ‘green’. This would mean that uranium producers could be labeled as green investments, spurring confidence in the industry and bringing in an inflow of cash. 

It proved to be a divisive move. Some nations, like France and Poland, have long pushed for this. Other countries, namely Germany and Austria, have criticized the Commission’s plan. That all falls in line with recent actions these countries have taken regarding using nuclear energy to provide their citizens with power. Countries like France and Poland have taken steps to rely more on nuclear power while countries like Germany have moved away from it. 

The proposal still needs to be voted on. If it wins, it won’t become law until 2023. Many are betting the measure will win. 

Uranium stocks took off alongside this news, with some names jumping 10% in a day. 

This is just the latest development in a trend we’ve been seeing for the past year or so. More and more governments are waking up to the fact that uranium is the only way to get away from fossil fuels while still meeting fuel demand. It needs to be done to meet current demand; it’s going to need to be done to meet future demand. 

In Europe’s case, the region wants to be carbon-neutral by 2050, but it won’t be able to do that without nuclear power. 

To use a cliche term, the writing is on the wall. The fact that the Commission’s proposal is so divisive shows that not everyone wants to acknowledge it, but it is the reality. 

To keep the lights on, Europe is going to need to rely on existing plants and build new nuclear reactors. They’re going to need to fuel those plants and reactors with uranium. 

It’s the same here in the US. 

It’s the same all throughout Asia. 

Some countries are coming around to it now while others are still holding out. Eventually, it’s going to reach a point where they won’t have a choice. It’s becoming clear that nuclear power is the way forward. Investment will ramp up as sentiment toward this energy source becomes more favorable. 

This new cycle of uranium demand and the resurgence of nuclear energy may just be the biggest investment story of the next decade. The last time this happened, investors who got in at the right time saw the kinds of gains that most people only dream about.

Now the opportunity is here again. Because just about every nation on the planet is going to need to turn to nuclear power, uranium suppliers are set to bring in the profits. 

Here in the US, one small company is ahead of the game thanks to its recent permit to pull the yellow metal out of the ground. 

The potential it has to make early investors triple-digit gains or better is something you can’t ignore. 

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Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle