Profit from AI power and gold prices

Since last week: Weak jobs numbers have put rate cut hopes back into play. 

1. Keeping AI Cool

The need to be able to meet AI power demands can’t be underestimated, which is why you’re going to hear a lot more about companies that can provide the kind of infrastructure needed to keep the data centers going. It’s going to create an investment opportunity that’s going to scale right alongside the growing AI sector. Click here to learn more about one particular company that looks to be among the leaders in the race

2. More Renewables

New figures state that renewable energy accounted for more than 30% of the world’s electricity last year, thanks to more wind and solar power installation. This is a big step toward driving down fossil fuel generation. It also makes a big argument for why now is the time to invest in the sector. Click here to learn what some of the best investments are

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3. The Uranium Ban

The bill to ban the import of Russian uranium is set to become law. It passed the Senate with unanimous approval and is now due to be signed by the president. This is going to be a massive boon for domestic uranium production. Click here to learn about the best companies to profit from as they work to fill the demand

4. Gold Price Perseverance

Gold prices continue to show resilience after news about the labor market showed that unemployment claims rose. That news renewed hopes that rate cuts could be coming by the fall. Regardless of what happens, this continued good fortune for gold shows why it continues to be such a good investment. Click here to learn more about one of the best ways to profit from the gold surge that’s just getting started

What to Look For

Between unemployment claims going up and consumer sentiment dropping, recession talk has started rising again.

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle