Positioning in the 2024 AI Buyout Frenzy

Big-Tech firms with AI ambitions are continuing to drive the market’s resiliency with the sector’s deepest-pocketed companies — such as Nvidia, Microsoft, Meta, Amazon, Cisco, and Apple — scooping up AI and machine-learning companies at a breakneck pace.   

It’s being called “The NEXT Industrial Revolution.” And it’s so big that businesses and even entire countries are converting existing data centers into giant AI factories

Big-Tech leaders are shelling out tens of billions of dollars to build out their own AI capabilities… and a lot of that spending has and will continue to go toward strategic acquisitions of smaller AI firms with patented, innovative technologies that are set to drive the future growth of AI. 

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As just a few poignant examples, in 2022, Microsoft purchased Nuance Communications, which focuses on AI for the healthcare industry, for $19B.

Apple is more than keeping pace, quickly snapping up more than 20 AI startups, including spending $200M to acquire Xnor.ai, a Seattle-based startup focused on AI-powered image recognition tools.

Not wanting to be left in the dust, Amazon shelled out $4B for Anthropic… Cisco spent a whopping $28B to acquire Splunk… and the list goes on and on. To-date, Big-Tech has bought out more than 115 smaller AI firms… a tally that’s sure to grow and even accelerate in the coming years.

The AI race is also underway between competing countries, particularly the USA versus China. 

To that end, a US bipartisan Senate group is now recommending tens of billions of dollars in new federal spending to guide the safe development and deployment of artificial intelligence with a focus on keeping the United States ahead of its main rival from across the Pacific. 

The senators recommend raising federal spending for non-defense AI innovation as quickly as possible to at least $32B annually to cover initiatives ranging from high-end AI chip design to a series of “AI Grand Challenge” programs designed to encourage innovation amongst developers.

With all that action and the billions being thrown around, we’ve got you covered as our own John Carl and Chris Curl of Digital Dispatch have been red-hot on the global AI megatrend even well before the publication’s highly successful launch last year. 

In fact, the duo, which just returned from Consensus 2024 in Austin, Texas, were far ahead of the investing herd on the tech sector’s #1 darling stock of 2024 — Nvidia Corp. 

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They saw the billions of dollars flowing into Nvidia from other Big-Tech behemoths, such as Microsoft and Meta, who require Nvidia’s chips to power their lofty AI ambitions — and issued a buy signal on NVDA early and low. 

Nvidia growth chart

Digital Dispatch is now up by more than 500% since that initial NVDA recommendation.

Yet, and perhaps most importantly, the guys are in lockstep opinion that the upcoming rounds of AI gains will be derived from the lesser-known, small to mid-cap innovators that are poised to become the next AI buyout targets… and they’re positioning accordingly in the pages of Digital Dispatch

John and Chris are already off and running in that wealth-building endeavor, having booked gains of 123%, 145%, and 235% in the first half of 2024 alone. Best of all, the triple-digit profit mania is set to continue in the second half and beyond as competition among AI leaders in the high-stakes buyout arena heats up even further. 

The excitement is further igniting as John and Chris recently narrowed down their exclusive AI buyout target list to 3 under-the-radar AI stocks primed for takeout in 2024

These are your so-called “undiscovered” AI innovators that John and Chris have been diligently tracking and believe are next in the buyout crosshairs of the larger AI-focused tech players.  

So, if you too see the AI writing on the wall and are seeking participation in “The NEXT Industrial Revolution,” the buyout profit-positioning is being intelligently unveiled in the monthly issues of Digital Dispatchand you can learn all about how to get on board for the coming gains right here.

Yours in profits,

Mike Fagan

Mike Fagan
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle