Poland Takes on Putin

It’s a given that hard times force like-minded people to forge alliances. 

History is full of this in times of war and disaster, but we’re also seeing it play out right now. 

Russia has entrenched itself in Ukraine, determined to fight to the bitter end. 

And while it wages a hot war with its neighbor, it’s fighting the conflict on other fronts as well. 

Namely, it’s disrupting the energy it supplies to neighboring countries in response to sanctions raised against it because of its actions in Ukraine.

Because of that, governments have been meeting and coming to agreements on supplying the affected nations with the sources of energy they need to get through the winter.

The European nations that largely rely on Russian gas saw prices peak in August. And even though they've come down since then, there’s still concern over the price and potential shortages. 

And that’s what has caused a scramble across the continent to secure energy from other sources. The US is one such source, and affected European countries have increased how much they get from the United States because of Russia’s actions. But even with that increased contribution, a change is already underway. 

More governments are realizing that it’s best to be as independent as possible when it comes to something essential like energy. That’s why you’re going to see a rise in countries producing their own over the next few years. 

Poland is doing just that. Recent news is that deals have been struck with the US and Korea to build two nuclear plants in the country. 

The first of these two plants will be built by Westinghouse Electric Co., while the second will be constructed by Korea Hydro and Nuclear Power Co. 

This move signals a massive shift for Poland because it relies on coal more than most other European countries. By inking these deals, the country is signaling a transition to not just green energy, but energy independence. 

Continued Russian aggression in Ukraine has kickstarted a trend of countries all around the world working toward not relying on Russia’s supply of natural gas. Almost overnight, the world order shifted and the global energy landscape began to take on a new form. 

This trend of other countries filling the gap as suppliers is going hand in hand with the trend of countries working to offset the effects of climate change. 

Poland is taking its energy future into its own hands in a stance against Putin.

So not only will you see nations all over getting energy sources like gas and coal from other places, but in time, they’ll be using much less of it in favor of nuclear power. 

As it stands right now, there are nearly 60 reactors under construction all over the world and over 100 planned. Combine that with more than 300 proposed and over 400 already in operation, and it’s impossible to ignore our nuclear future. 

It’s why uranium is going to be one of the biggest investment stories of the next few years. 

Nuclear power was once maligned, but those attitudes are changing. 

While renewables like wind and solar are becoming more popular, they can’t meet capacity alone. Nuclear power will be a big factor in that. 

All of that is to say that nuclear’s future is bright, and the right uranium investment has the chance to create massive fortunes. 

Everyone is going to be scrambling for uranium to supply their reactors, and not everyone can supply that uranium. 

There is one company, based right here in the US, that is set to take off with this coming nuclear power bull market. 

The resource it’s sitting on is massive. It will be a go-to name for countries all over when they need to supply their reactors. That ensures the company will be a thriving one for years to come. 

Now is the perfect time for investors to get in. 

Not many people know about this company, but that’s set to change soon. 

Get in now, and you’ll enjoy immense profits when this company takes off right alongside worldwide nuclear power.

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle