Perfectly Positioned for the Commodity Bidding Wars - April Junior Resource Monthly Issue

Hey everybody, Gerardo Del Real here, your Junior Resource Monthly editor with some exciting news. 

The April issue is here. 

Junior Resource Monthly April Issue

We'll talk about the Fed Games. We'll talk about how consequential the pickle the Fed's in may be. We'll talk about the benefits that might have for gold, which looks ready to test a new all-time high. 

We're going to get into the lithium wars that are quietly, but surely, developing behind the scenes, and how our portfolio is positioned perfectly to take advantage of what I see as bidding wars that are going to continue to increase in frequency and in dollars allocated.

We’ll also go over all of the portfolio news.

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It's going to be a very profitable year for us. 

We have several brand new picks that are just on the cusp of breaking out. 

And I continue to see 2023 as a transformational year in the resource space — one that I plan on profiting very handsomely from.

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