Owning Commodity Inflation in Your Account - Bizarro World 263

We hope that your Easter weekend went well and your spring is off to a great start. 

We also hope you had a chance to attend our webinar last week on how to profit from commodity re-inflation. (If not, you can catch it here.)

The theme continues this week with Gerardo explaining why he thinks it’s going to be an “extremely profitable 2024” in this week’s podcast.  

It starts with gold, which closed out the quarter at all-time highs north of $2,200 per ounce — an important psychological and technical level. 

That should be telling you that inflation is stickier — and less transitory — than once officially thought. 

Oil is at three-month highs north of $83. 

You need to own this inflation in your account to negate its negative impacts on your portfolio and way of life. 

It was lumber memes in 2021. That was the first wave, or phase. 

chocolate memeNow it’s cocoa that’s generating the clicks.

It’s also at all-time highs as we enter the next wave of inflation and higher commodity prices. 

There are other drivers of higher prices beyond inflation. China is getting back into growth mode. So are other emerging markets. 

And governments are still plowing trillions into clean energy, which requires vast commodity inputs. 

Those points take up the bulk of the discussion in the 263rd episode of Investing in Bizarro World, which you can watch by clicking below. 

We also give our thoughts on lithium and copper and what separates normal cycles from supercycles. 

Plus, a discussion on taxes — what is your fair share?

It’s all in episode 263 of Investing in Bizarro World.

0:00 Intro
2:15 Drivers of Commodity Prices
9:04 Equity Sentiment vs. Commodity Prices
16:04 Lithium Thoughts
21:13 Positioning for Reinflation
27:12 Taxes: What’s Your Fair Share?