Nvidia's 10-to-1 success

Last week Nvidia’s earnings exceeded every expectation.

And by exceeded, I mean absolutely shattered.

Just take a look at this chart...

Nvidia chart

The first quarter of 2024 dwarfs all past quarters.

Quarterly growth is now so outrageous that it’s literally shifting the performance of the entire rest of the stock market.

Nvidia’s success proves that demand for AI remains strong — and that its place is secure as Wall Street’s cash cow.

When Big Tech Goes Shopping, Smart Investors Get Paid

Big Tech has bought out 115 small AI firms and counting...

Big Tech is racing to buy up every promising small AI stock they can find — and they’re forced to compete with each other, paying top dollar for each and every AI firm (often paying as much as $21 million per employee!).

We’ve been using this buyout frenzy to rake in gains, making us 123%, 145%, and 235% so far. But the market for AI continues to grow... and so do our potential gains. Find out the 3 small AI firms next up on Big Tech’s buyout list.

Just a few years ago, in 2020, the price traded around ~$100. Now that the price has soared to well over $1,000, the price will return next week to $100 in a 10-to-1 stock split.

There’s no better indicator of success.

And our readers have been first in line to benefit.

I recommended Nvidia in February of last year when it was trading at just $197, and the readers who followed that recommendation have been overjoyed. 

Many have had the opportunity to make 4 times, even 5 times their money, in just 15 months.

But as big as this story is, and as thrilled as we’ve been to bank this win, I don’t believe that they’re the highest gains we’ll see yet.

AI’s biggest gains will come from small AI stocks.

Big blue-chip companies like Nvidia can only stay ahead by keeping up with the latest technology.

And the competition is fierce.

All of Big Tech is trying to buy up every small AI firm they can find — and they’re willing to pay a premium for shares.

Here are some recent examples...

Snackable AI bought by Amazon 
bought by Google 
Phial Technologies
bought by Google 
bought by Amazon 
bought by Google 
bought by Apple 
bought by Meta 
bought by Meta 
bought by Meta 
bought by Google 
Bloomsbury AI
bought by Meta 
bought by Meta 
bought by Meta 
bought by Apple

And that doesn’t include the $4 billion Amazon has paid to acquire shares of Anthropic and Cisco’s $28 billion purchase of Splunk.

My colleague Chris Curl and I have been following the growth of AI for a decade now... and in all this time, we’ve never seen growth like this.

We’ve made triple-digit gains, one after another, on the buyouts of these small AI firms. 

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Put another way, we’re finding the potential for Nvidia-level returns every 60 days.

The next round of triple-digit winners is close at hand.

Chris and I have narrowed our picks down to 3 small AI stocks that we’re certain are at the top of Big Tech’s buyout list.

This is your chance to buy shares before Big Tech swoops in with their billions.

Make it your own,

John Carl

John Carl
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle