Nvidia Wants More AI

Nvidia has enjoyed a lot of success this year...

They’re now one of the most valuable companies in the world, with a valuation of over $3 trillion.

But they’re not resting on their laurels. Despite their growing size, they remain nimble and focused on what’s next.

In order to keep up with the frantic pace of innovation, they’ve been using their deep pockets to buy out small AI firms that have the technology they need.

Just two weeks ago, Nvidia acquired an AI GPU software company called Shoreline.io for $100 million.

Nvidia Keeps “Gobbling Up” Small AI Firms

Nvidia is quietly buying out every small AI firm it can. To quote Bloomberg: “Nvidia... has been gobbling up startups...” 

And each buyout creates a windfall for investors holding shares of these small firms. Our new video presentation reveals the 3 small AI firms Nvidia is buying next (and how to get your shares in time).

It’s just the latest of many...

  • OmniML, 2023, 100% ownership
  • Excelero Storage, 2022, 100% ownership
  • Bright Computing, 2022, 100% ownership 
  • Swiftstack, 2020, 100% ownership
  • Mellanox Technologies, 2019, $6.9 billion, 100% ownership
  • Soundhound AI, 2023, $1.7 million, 0.6% ownership
  • Arm Holdings, 2023, $147.3 million, 0.2% ownership
  • Recursion Pharmaceuticals, 2023, $50 million, 3.4% ownership
  • Nano-X Imaging, 2023, $380,000, 0.1% ownership

And then, last month, Nvidia spent $1 billion in a single week, acquiring two innovative small firms: Deci AI for $300 million and Run AI for $700 million.

Deci AI is a deep learning company that uses AI to hunt through enormous data sets for results. The Nvidia acquisition makes good sense, considering that Deci built its platform to run on all of the chipsets in Nvidia’s Jetson edge AI platform (including Jetson Orin, Jetson AGX Xavier, Jetson Xavier NX and Jeston Nano). It can also operate on Nvidia’s GPUs.

Run AI is an AI GPU performance platform. It speeds up processing by breaking up requests in a way that squeezes the most out of each AI cluster. Their software boosts efficiency by assigning tasks to the appropriate node pools using a software framework called Kubernetes (created by Google), scaling tasks up to be handled by entire GPU pools or scaling tasks down to bite-sized chunks by GPU fractioning. It orchestrates workloads by spreading them to the right GPU containers. Run AI claims their software can enhance workload performance by 10x — an obvious benefit for Nvidia.

Not all of these AI firms are publicly held.

But many are. And if you’re holding shares of the right ones when Nvidia opens up the checkbook, you could make a fortune.

They’ve got money to burn and are willing to pay a premium to stay ahead.

We’ve been keeping careful track of what Nvidia is watching — and where they’re putting their billions.

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