New Applications for AI Investment

I told you last week about Cindy Coburn.

She’s the insurance claim adjuster I never spoke to after a recent accident. My truck is now in the shop and I have still never spoken to her. 

My last email to her received an automated reply that she was out of the office until August 27th. 

That’s not out-of-office, that’s a sabbatical. 

I intimated that her role likely didn’t need to exist because of artificial intelligence whether or not she was in fact a real person. Cindy Schrödinger was probably too on the nose. 

In the meantime, Nvidia (NASDAQ: NVDA) is up another 6% since as its share price continues its historic climb with a market cap now equal to 10% of the entire US economy. The S&P has hit a new all-time high as a result. 

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Enterprise picked me up yesterday at the body shop as advertised. The young lad driving was named Vincent. 

He asked what I did and the conversation quickly turned to crypto. 

Vinny, as I affectionately coined him in my mind, had just graduated college last month. He was 22. He told me about his history with crypto, and the pile he made in the memecoin mania of 2020.

Like a recovering addict, he told me he had to lay off the crypto because it was consuming his life. “The stock market closes,” he said. “But crypto is trading 24/7. First, I was checking it every hour, then half hour, then constantly.”

Vinny told me he’s been in Nvidia for awhile, because he saw it as the inevitable play on the ascendance of artificial intelligence. 

Now, he says, he’s moving on to real estate because he understands the real estate market better than stocks. And he’s just biding his time at Enterprise. 

Vinny, of course, is a student of the modern era. He has information but not knowledge. He hasn’t seen cycles yet. The yield on the 2-year bond has been above 5% for less than eight months during the entire time he’s been on this Earth. 

The Next Generation of AI

The past few generations have each had their own version of AI. 

It’s been nearly 75 years, after all, since Alan Turing published “Computer Machinery and Intelligence”. 

For Vinny, the backbone of the current iteration of artificial intelligence is Nvidia. For you, it may have been Microsoft (NASDAQ: MSFT). And for your dad, IBM (NYSE: IBM). 

There have been past iterations (or cycles) of AI innovation for decades prior, and there will be innovation still for decades to come. 

iRobots are already vacuuming our floors. Software is collecting and analyzing your every word and swipe. 

Why Bitcoin is Making Itself More Valuable — Even as the Dollar Fails

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Today, AI is being used to seek and destroy landmines in war-torn areas of the world. Robots are stocking shelves. Computers are performing surgeries. 

I have seen this movie before. 

The AI narrative isn’t new. And it isn’t going away. 

In many ways, it's now part of the human evolution story. 

And if I were a betting man, I’d now be looking at the technologies that will be unlocked with all these new chips. 

That’s where the next iteration of AI profits is going to be.

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle