Natural Gas Stocks Sparking Crazy Profits for Early Investors

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We're heading headlong into the fourth quarter of 2021. 

Inflation is now taking hold across nearly all commodities.

I’ve been telling readers and members that this inflation was coming and not going to be transitory for a long time now… 

Going back to even well over a year now where I was telling friends in Maryland that the rising crab prices had nothing to do with the hatch and that it had everything to do with this inflation that was about to make everything cost more. 

You’re seeing that now. 

Everything commodity-based — everything priced in dollars — commodities from metals to food are now rising in price.

You won't see the headlines express it in inflation terms. They'll say things like it's the shipping that's compounding it or the supply chain management or the cargo ships waiting off the ports to get the goods in. Or the weather in Brazil. 

That's all certainly a part of it. 

But in a very real way, the system has been flooded with dollars by the past several administrations. You had Trump sending out checks with his name on them. The new administration sent out checks, too. 

That money percolates its way through the system and now your coffee, eggs, chicken wings, aluminum, copper, cotton, coffee, chocolate — everything — is rising exorbitantly in price.

Banking Big Gains with Commodity Stocks

One of the things I've been saying, of course, is that you can harness this inflation and put it in your account.

And I've been doing that for a long, long time. 

I financed some lithium and copper companies and was buying them in the open market in 2020 ahead of this coming commodity inflation. 

This year members and I have been able to bank profits on a copper company we bought last year for under $0.20 and sold it this year for over $0.40 cents — more than double our money in less than a year.

We also bought a lithium company under $0.30 cents last summer and watched it rise to over $1.50 this year… making over 400% on our money in less than a year.

This is the riskier side of investing or speculating, where you’re not buying an entire commodity index or a fund of large miners that produce them. 

I’m talking about buying an individual company that has leverage to the rising price of commodities.

If you understand how to do that and can speculate with some risk capital... you can make a lot of money by tuning out the noise and not listening to the media as far as why prices are rising but just looking at what's in front of you and realizing that everything is inflating.

Particularly the metals that are needed for an energy transition that's underway. I had memes in that trend a decade ago. The media is only now picking up on that theme.  

And we’re selling stock to all the Johnny-come-latelys. 

Energy Stocks Skyrocketing into Fourth Quarter

The point of speculating and investing, especially as I do it, is to drink upstream from the herd as some of my mentors would call it. 

You drink the freshwater — the cleanest, purest water — upstream from the herd... and the water with the shit and the mud in it gets washed down to the rest of the herd. 

You don't want to be in the herd. You want to be the leader and buy these assets ahead of the market.

Now you've got energy inflating in a very real way, which I've been telling premium members and have been trying to parlay via these notes to you.  

wti crude oil price chart

You've got oil ripping to over $70. 

You've got natural gas ripping to over $6 from below $3 at the beginning of 2021. 

natural gas price chart

That's over a doubling of major inputs. That's natural gas and oil. Of course, if you put gas or diesel in your car, you've seen this. If you heat your home with natural gas or propane, you've seen this. 

And one way to profit from it or to get ahead of it or to make those prices not sting as much is to own the assets that are inflating.

So heading into this fourth quarter, what I wanted to tell you today is that these individual companies I look for have catalysts. And I try to invest ahead of those catalysts. 

My Favorite "Upstream" Natural Gas Play

One specialized gas company I'm investing in is a helium company. 

I don't normally drill down into individual commodities, but we should talk about helium for a second because it typically is produced as a byproduct of natural gas, which I just said has doubled in price. 

The helium price has already been going up very dramatically. Something like a seven to ten times increase in the past couple of years.

Because Congress in all their infinite wisdom and foresight decided to close down the national helium reserve that you probably didn't even know we had and sell off all the helium. 

So we don't have helium left in a national reserve to sell... and helium is quite tough to discover on its own because it's one of the lightest elements on the periodic table and it escapes many geologic formations and then filters up into the atmosphere.

It's very tough to trap and produce in an economically viable way, which is why you might have noticed that the price to inflate a balloon has gone up a lot in the past couple of years. 

But it's much more important than that because helium is used in nuclear energy generation. It's used to pressurize the magnets in MRI machines, so it's critical to healthcare. It's used to create a stable inert environment in which to create semiconductors and, as you might know, there's a rampant semiconductor shortage right now.

So the helium price is rising, rising, rising. 

Price of helium chart

And there's not a lot of companies out there that produce or look for helium. 

So I dug deep and found a company that is on the verge of developing a vast helium project. 

In the next quarter — Q4 2021 — they're expected to release a resource estimate. What that means is they're going to tell the world how much helium they have. 

They've been drilling for the past couple of months and assessing those test wells and doing a pilot plant because you have to separate the helium gas from the other gases that come out. 

And in the next couple of months, they're going to tell us how much helium they have. 

That's going to be a catalyst for the herd downstream to come buy into the stock.

But what I and my members do is buy the stock first, of course. 

That's why we're trying to buy the stock and have been buying the stock before Q4 2021 starts. 

To that effect, I have some premium research that I've been putting out that we'll be taking down after September 30th.

So if you want to get access to my premium helium research or you want to see my report on helium... you need to do that now —  today — by clicking here.

Call it like you see it, 

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