Nanotech IPO Solves Autonomous Car Issue: Here's What to Expect and How to Profit

I've got a question for you. 

Have you ever made 500 times your money? 

That turns every $10,000 invested into over $5 million. 

Well, I've never done that either. 

But I have made 30 times my money and that turns every $10,000 invested into $300,000. 

I've been fortunate enough to make multiple 10-baggers over the past seven or eight years in the private placement space. 

That's by financing companies privately and then leveraging those shares — and sometimes the warrants that come with them — for some of the biggest upside that I've ever experienced in the market. And that many of my subscribers and other investors have ever experienced as well. 

We do this by buying small companies — often at 10, 15, 20 cents a share — and have been fortunate enough to ride companies like that to multiple dollars several times. 

I source these private placements, either in public companies or companies that are about to go public, through my network. They come from people I've met and formed relationships with over my 15 years in the investment business.

And investing this way is what's allowed me really to take my wealth to the next level. 

It's what's allowed me to become a multimillionaire by age 40, to move my family to a private estate, and to generally worry less about the nine-to-five and finances… while being able to concentrate on what I want to do, which is publish my newsletters and manage my family's wealth. 

Again, a key part of that is private placements.

The private placement that I'm participating in this week is a nanotechnology deal. 

And it comes from a group that has had vast success in the tech side of the private placement industry. 

One of their previous wins, which is related to the company I'm investing in this week, went from under 20-cents to over $100 by developing a nanotech coating for cars that prevents paint chips.

That's the 500-times-your-money return I was talking about that turns $10,000 into over $5 million. 

The company we're financing this week is similar to that company. It operates in the same space but has the potential to be even bigger. 

You'll know that today's cars are sensor-heavy. They are increasingly autonomous, or at least partly autonomous. They can keep you between the lanes. They can tell you if you're going to rear-end somebody. 

And all of that requires sensors, some of which are embedded in the windshield. So these sensors are going to need protection. 

The pre-IPO company we’re financing this week makes a coating that is 6X stronger than current windshields and costs less than replacing the windshield. 

Because of the increased costs associated with the sensors, replacing windshields is estimated to cost $175 billion globally by 2030.

The idea is that insurance will pick this up and cover the cost of this coating on windshields and potentially other parts of sensors. 

It even has some military applications. 

The company is private right now. It’ll be IPOing soon. 

But I’m investing in a private round now. And so are members of my private placement service, Hodge Family Office.

We'll be financing this company through the end of April and likely into the first week of May. 

You have to be accredited. 

And you have to be a member of Hodge Family Office to participate. You can do that by clicking here. 

We would love to have you. 

This is how I've made the bulk of my investment wealth. 

And I think this new nanotech deal could potentially return many multiples. 

So I encourage you to learn more about it by becoming a member of Hodge Family Office today.

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle