More Uranium Gains Ahead. Here’s Why?


We are in the early stages of a uranium bull market that has the potential to produce some outstanding gains.

Junior Resource Monthly subscribers were positioned before the recent surge in the uranium spot price and the related equities.

Being ahead of the trend is why subscribers are sitting on 90%, 100% and 200% gains in the portfolio.

It’s important to be positioned ahead of the crowd.

And though the gains thus far have been impressive... It is still early in this uranium bull cycle.

Knowing how to navigate what comes next is critical to maximizing profits on uranium positions. 

The spot uranium price has now ticked over $50, and interest is spilling over from natural resource investors to mainstream investors, including Wall Street.

Money is going to flow into the sector, and that means more gains ahead.

Remember, many uranium stocks went up thousands of percent in the last uranium bull market.

What we’ve seen so far is just the first lap.

I have been through resource manias before and know how to navigate them. I recently sent out an update to members of Junior Resource Monthly with instructions for how to play this current stage of the uranium bull.

You can see a preview of it here.

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle

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