Market moves after the bitcoin halving

Since last week: 

The Bitcoin halving has arrived and the market has responded. 

1. S&P Comeback

Ahead of this week’s Big Tech earnings, the S&P 500 posted its best day in two months. The NASDAQ jumped as well. This comes in the wake of a poor prior week that saw some of the worst performances in just over a year. This is a good example of how the markets are constantly changing and why you want to be able to change alongside them. Learn about strategies you can use to do just that by clicking here

2. Crypto Prices

The Bitcoin halving happened last week. Even though the initial response was muted, Bitcoin and several other coins climbed in value in the days after. This could be just the start of a crypto bull market that many say is coming throughout the rest of the year. Now is the time to get positioned before the surge really begins. Click here to learn more about which coins will be the best to buy before that happens

Tesla’s Stock is in Trouble. Will it Turn Around?

Should you buy Tesla... or avoid it like the plague? We’ve spent the last month carefully researching an answer. Our answer to this urgent question is out now — we cover the pros and cons in detail in our new issue of Digital Dispatch. Find out what smart investors should do with their shares of Tesla.

3. Solar for All

Monday was Earth Day, and President Biden used that to announce $7 billion in investments in solar projects across the country. These grants will focus on disadvantaged communities and show just how the government is approaching the battle against climate change. As an investor, you can buy into the green energy sector and benefit from announcements just like this. Click here to learn how

4. One in Five

One in five cars sold worldwide this year is set to be electric. This is according to the International Energy Agency. That’s 17 million a year, up from 14 million last year. This trend is the future of automobiles, and there are plenty of ways to invest. One of the best is by buying the raw materials that make up the batteries for these vehicles. Click here to learn the best companies to buy into as this trend continues.  

What to Look For

It will be worth watching commodities, which are still in a bull market, as well as crypto to see what it does next.

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle