Why You Should Invest in Gold Right Now

You don’t have to look far to find someone talking about how much more expensive things are today. 

If you use any kind of social media, you’ve probably seen people complain about the price of food, gas, and other everyday items. 

On a larger scale, there’s no shortage of news stories about ways to save money on gas/home heating/food — especially now with Christmas only a week away. 

It’s a reality the world has been dealing with for nearly two years now. Political leaders and pundits first tried to convince the public that it wasn’t real. Then, when that became impossible, they tried to say it was only temporary. ‘Transitory’ will probably break into the Top 10 list of most used words in 2021. 

But now it’s apparent this inflation isn’t going anywhere any time soon. 

The mix of broken supply chains, pent-up consumer demand, and increased government spending means that more of your money will be buying less for the foreseeable future. 

It’s an ugly reality and one that will likely sink a few political careers, but it’s not completely hopeless. 

It’s no secret that the wheels of government move slowly. Only recently has the Fed signaled a willingness to maybe, possibly shift policy to get a handle on inflation. Even if it does raise interest rates, however, that’s a decision that won’t be reached for months. And even if a “taper” is put in place, it will be longer still before consumers see any kind of relief. 

For many people, that means having to simply grin and bear it. It means having to get creative with how income is spent as prices continue to go up. 

But it also means that there’s money to be made. 

One thing investors have been doing during this period of inflation is putting their money into the things that are being inflated. Sectors like housing and energy have made it so that investors have been able to profit while most people are having to stretch their money further. 

Cryptocurrency also did well for a while. The big names like Bitcoin and Ethereum saw their prices run away before pulling back.

Essentially, people have been putting their investment dollars into anything perceived as a safe haven. The trend is likely to continue well into next year and both conventional and unconventional sectors of the market will benefit from the influx of investment dollars. 

In times like these, gold is usually one of those safe-haven investments that thrive. Like other commodities, it has generally done well recently, reaching all-time highs in 2020. But the yellow metal’s price cooled off slightly in 2021, leading some to believe that it isn’t the safe-haven investment it once was. Ignore that. That kind of short-term thinking just creates opportunity. 

The truth is gold has everything going for it right now. It’s in a class alongside commodities like silver, uranium, copper, and rare earths that will all likely see strong gains in 2022. 

A new inflation-driven commodity supercycle is creating the kind of profit opportunity that doesn’t come around very often. 

Getting in early will mean being able to take advantage of possible triple-digit windfalls and better. 

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Keep your eyes open,


Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle