Macro Musings: Dollar, Inflation, Employment, Gold - Bizarro World 235

The dollar has been gaining strength as the Fed remains hawkish. You will likely see one more rate hike from the Fed this year before the late stage economic cycle kicks into gear with rising unemployment. We look at what that means for asset prices. An update on critical metals, including rare earths, lithium and uranium. Nick explores the pros and cons of a universal basic income. We have a good ol’ fashioned manhunt in Pennsylvania. Plus: conference season is kicking up and we want to know what questions you want us to be asking companies. It’s all in episode 235 of Investing in Bizarro World

0:00 Intro
1:04 Macro Musings: Dollar, Inflation, Employment, Gold
6:47 The Hottest Australian Gold Discovery in Recent Memory
9:33 Rare Earths, Lithium, and Uranium Update
16:02 Exploring Universal Basic Income
19:45 Manhunt
23:27 What Are Your Mining Stock Questions?

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