Lithium Stock Updates & Ideas - Bizarro World 223

The Fed took a ‘hawking pause,’ telling us it’s not raising rates this month but will continue with hikes later this year. We discuss what that means for the market. A spotlight on a company we’ve recently financed that’s cornering a sweet — and overlooked — spot in the global energy transition. A look at the current lithium market and related stocks. Will Trump’s charges stick this time? Plus: What we’re watching in the market week ahead. It’s all in episode 223 of Investing in Bizarro World

0:00 Intro
2:14 Implications of the Fed’s Hawkish Pause
10:06 Company Spotlight: MineHub Technologies
16:20 Lithium Updates & Ideas
25:47 Indictment: True or Trumped Up? 
35:31 Market Week Ahead

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