Lithium Investing: You Haven’t Missed the Boat

“By 2030, we want Europe to be able to produce at least 40% of its clean tech.

The Net-Zero Industry Act will speed up and simplify permitting and funding.

The Critical Raw Materials Act will help secure the critical materials needed for the digital and green transition.”

Those were the words spoken by European Commission President Ursula von der Leyen recently. 

The Critical Raw Materials Act aims to set standards and promote policy designed to ensure Europe has the metals and minerals it deems necessary for its energy transition and defense and energy security.

The Wall Street Journal reported that one of the fundamental proposals is setting up a EU-wide purchasing body to buy materials on behalf of companies and member states, such as battery metals including cobalt and lithium, silicon used in solar panels and rare earth magnets needed for wind turbines.

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Lithium Investing: You Haven’t Missed the Boat.

It also wants to speed up permitting so that a project deemed to be a strategic project can be mined in just two years.

It’s not just the EU that is realizing it needs to start matching will with way, and start funding the policies necessary for it to come close to achieving its stated goals of critical metals independence. 

Countries around the world are finally matching words with dollars to fasttrack the stockpiling of critical metals.

“But the lithium price has pulled back 27% in the last month.”

“Lithium is on the verge of an epic collapse.”

“If you bought a lithium stock last month you’re now underwater.”

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A lot of people that missed out on a lot of money are all of a sudden lithium experts. I’d make sure the people you are listening to didn’t miss the entire run-up the past several years. The lithium price today is still 8 to12 times higher than it was three years ago depending on what metric you use. 

I’d also be making sure that any money allocated to lithium speculations be towards the best producers, developers and explorers, not the companies congratulating the best producers, developers and explorers.

There is a global critical minerals race. There is also a global EV supply chain race that coincides with a global battery arms race.

These are far from over. So is the opportunity to profit.

Gerardo Del Real

Gerardo Del Real
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle