Lithium: Game On in James Bay - Bizarro World 234

We’re up 200% on a brand new oil play that just listed last week. The timing worked out well with oil at 10-month highs north of $85 per barrel. We dissect that investment to see why it worked. Then we take a look at China’s botched reopening to see what it means for commodities. We’ve been telling you uranium was moving sneakily higher. It’s not sneaky anymore after uranium stocks broke out this week. The recession has been delayed but a weakening consumer says it’s still on the way. We discuss why gold remains range-bound. And Gerardo discusses the reopening of the James Bay area for lithium exploration and gives an update on Patriot Battery Metals. (He’s been up over 10,000% on Patriot. See his next big lithium winner here.) It’s all in episode 234 of Investing in Bizarro World

0:00 Intro
2:01 Case Study: Oil Private Placement
6:59 China: Bullish or Bearish?
12:02 Uranium Does Its Thing
14:30 Macro Minute: A Look at the Consumer
17:57 Gold Technicals
20:46 Lithium: Game On in James Bay
26:50 Our Psychedelic Buyout Win
29:30 The Egyptian-Zambian Plane

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