July Digital Dispatch Issue

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The July issue of Digital Dispatch is here!

Here’s what’s inside...

  • WHY ELON IS FURIOUS AT APPLE... and Tesla’s $25-trillion opportunity (plus what investors need to watch in the weeks ahead)
  • APPLE’S BID TO REBRAND AI WITH “APPLE INTELLIGENCE” and what this means for the future of the tech giant
  • THE “PERFECT” DATA CENTER — why AI processing and crypto mining are a winning combo (and why our new portfolio pick has pivoted to do both)

PLUS, our updated thoughts on Nvidia, Tesla, and Apple, and what you should be buying now.


This AI-generated image of angry Elon is the perfect illustration for what irks the tech billionaire so much about AI — and why the real money in AI isn’t about over-hyped images like this one.

And that’s not all. We also provide you with fresh updates on our Digital Dispatch portfolio (which continues to push into the double and triple digits) and an overview on what’s up next.

This is your chance to put the insights in this new issue to work for you.

Why Do We Love Tech? — Because it Consistently Outperforms

For over 40 years technology has been one of the highest-performing market sectors.

And yet we’ve never seen more world-changing, profit-generating power than right now.

We’ve followed these advances to major gains as investors...

For example, we made 580% on Nvidia by getting in before everyone else.


And over the past few months we’ve made...

  • 121%+ on an AI cloud services company
  • 123%+ on audio AI company SoundHound (NASDAQ: SOUN)
  • 235%+ on a small AI firm named Innodata (NASDAQ: INOD)

Plus other key recommendations from the Digital Dispatch portfolio.

We’ll Make Sure You’re Never Left Behind

The world is changing quickly — and our goal is to show you the innovations that’ll make the greatest impact for us as investors.

  • We cut through the hype and discover what’ll make a difference for your portfolio. For example, our Tech Trends dashboard on the Digital Dispatch homepage will show you what to follow, steering you clear of surprise moves caused by inflation, the Fed, Big Banks, Wall Street insiders, and the other major factors that affect your portfolio.
  • We’ll give you access to the Digital Dispatch model portfolio, which has all of our recommendations in one place. You’ll be able to see at a glance what we’re buying and selling — and at what price.
  • And most importantly, we’ll guide you with monthly issues and timely alerts that are engaging, easy-to-read, and brimming with ways to make money on all the growth in the tech industry.

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John Carl and Chris Curl

John Carl and Chris Curl
Editors, Daily Profit Cycle