It’s Time to Buy Uranium

Publisher’s Note: We’ve been ramping up our uranium coverage lately for good reason. The raging bull market that Gerardo and I have been calling for is here. All the factors are in place, from government support to financial institutions buying physical uranium pounds in an effort to kick the price even higher. We have readers already up significantly, but there is much more to come. Starting this weekend, Gerardo will have a new uranium video out with a special recommendation. It’s just the first of several to come. So stay tuned...

Enjoy the uranium primer below and have a great weekend!


There are two ways to approach solving the climate crisis: Appeal to the good it can do for the world or appeal to how much money it can make.

A lot of the messaging focuses on the former, but it’s not hard to imagine the latter might grab more attention. That could be what encouraged US Energy Secretary Jennifer Granholm in a recent address.

During a press briefing delivered from Poland, she pointed out that carbon-reducing technologies will be a $23 trillion market by the end of the decade. She stated that it would be “an enormous potential to countries on both sides of the Atlantic.” It could launch businesses and entire industries while also attracting investment and creating jobs.

This all came during the middle of a tour of Central Europe built around climate-centric talks and meetings.

The tour includes relaunching P-TECC, the Partnership for Transatlantic Energy and Climate Cooperation. This is a program led by the US that will help deploy clean energy technologies in the region.

It’s symbolic that Poland was chosen, too. The country signed an agreement with Washington last year to cooperate in the development of Poland’s civil nuclear energy program.

The first nuclear power station in Poland is expected to be online in 2033 and the US is the front runner for winning the related contracts. 

It’s an important first step in a larger trend. Countries all over the world are shifting away from fossil fuels and toward renewables, but solutions like wind and solar won’t be enough to meet their needs.

That’s why, a decade after the Fukushima disaster, nuclear is being looked to as the clean energy of the future. The stigma is fading. It’s becoming clear that nuclear power is the only way to keep the lights on without fossil fuels.

But even with all of the plants being built and planned, none of that will mean anything without the uranium necessary to generate that power.

And because the world has been so slow to adopt nuclear, the available supply of uranium is barely enough to meet current demand. It certainly won’t be enough to meet the growing demand that’s going to come with the death of fossil fuels. 

That’s why uranium prices can’t do anything but skyrocket in the coming years.

It’s the kind of bull market that only comes once in a generation. We’re already seeing the beginnings of it now.

The price of uranium has surged since the beginning of the month, outpacing all other commodities. Supply has been getting scooped up by big players who are staking their claims now and betting that this story won’t stay under the radar for much longer. 

Even the WallStreetBets crowd has come pouring into the trend, with ten million followers in a group dedicated to uranium stocks.

But the story has yet to go mainstream, as most everyone else has no idea what’s happening yet.

By the time they realize that widespread nuclear power is inevitable, the biggest chances for making runaway gains will have come and gone.

You can get in now, before the trend really takes off. We’ll be sending out a brand new uranium report from Gerardo this weekend. 

He’s uncovered a small uranium mining company that currently trades for pennies.  As demand grows, it could be the subject of a bidding war. When this company does get bought out, early investors may see triple-digit gains at least.

Uranium’s time in the spotlight is just beginning. Only a select few insiders know what’s coming. Once utilities get on board and start buying up what’s out there, the price is going to run away like nothing the sector has ever seen.

Keep an eye out for Gerardo’s newest recommendation so you can get in ahead of the crowd.

It’s a rare opportunity for life-changing gains. You won’t want to miss it.

Keep your eyes open,

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle

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