It's official: we're launching a new tech publication

Fellow Investor,

I’ve got some big news: we’re launching a new tech publication.

Last year I asked our editors John Carl and Chris Curl to put together some research on new tech companies and slowly build up a track record. 

While I’d expected them to be successful, their actual results exceeded my wildest expectations...

  • 32% on a cloud computing platform
  • 40% on a robotics company
  • 42% on mobile technology provider
  • 43% on microprocessor research company
  • 57% on an AI firm
  • 747% on a crypto mining and cloud computing company
  • 1,082% on a crypto platform

They also made prescient calls on the growth of AI in February of 2023 (before it had reached the mainstream media), which made 123% on SoundHound, 202% on Nvidia, and 235% on a firm named Innodata.

In October they sent me their picks for the new Digital Dispatch portfolio, and every single pick is in the black, up more than 80% on average at many points.

But they assure me these aren’t one-offs. They have three new tech stocks they’re adding to the portfolio in next month’s issue, as well as a new video they recorded LIVE about how to profit from all the growth we’re seeing in AI.

John has a 20+ year history of successful investments in tech. And Chris has already proven the value of his insights in his cutting-edge publication Crypto Cycle.

I hope you’ll join me in celebrating the launch of this new publication. I’m excited to show you what we’ve built — and the wealth of tech profits that it could deliver.

Stay tuned for our email tomorrow where we give you a free sneak peek preview of the February issue! 

Call it like you see it,

Nick Hodge

Nick Hodge
Publisher, Daily Profit Cycle