Is the Fed’s Plan Finally Working?

Since last week: 

We have GDP numbers now. What does that mean for the quarters ahead? 

Is the Fed’s Plan Finally Working?

1. Q1 GDP

The first-quarter GDP numbers are in, and the number is up only 1.1%, well below estimates of 2%. This could be one of the loudest signals that things are slowing and that recession looms. As an investor, you’ll have to prepare for the next few quarters accordingly. 

2. Crime-Fighting AI in the Bay Area

The recent murder of Cash App founder Bob Lee in San Francisco has put the spotlight back on the Bay Area’s epidemic of crime. It’s gotten so bad that many area businesses  are now resorting to AI to help fight the rising crime. One security company has seen its business segment’s sales skyrocket as a result, showing the demand is there. There’s another company that recently had a successful trial run in a neighborhood in Mexico City and is now coming to America. It wants to make streets all over the country safe. 

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3. Two Years Ahead of Schedule

California set a goal of 1.5 zero-emission vehicles sold in the state and managed to reach that goal two years ahead of schedule. The state’s plans for phasing out combustion engines is one of the most aggressive in the country and it seems like it’s on track to continue being the leader in this movement. That’s going to mean a big, continuing boom for lithium demand and climbing profits for lithium companies and their investors. 

4. Ethereum’s Boon

Ethereum’s recent updates, called Shanghai and Capella, boosted confidence in the coin and resulted in tens of millions in inflows. This could be laying the groundwork that would see the coin’s worth rise dramatically over the next few years. With the trends in the crypto sector constantly changing, you’ll need to stay on top of the news so you know what to buy.

What to Look For:

The Fed meets next week, so we’ll see what action they take on interest rates.

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Ryan Stancil

Ryan Stancil
Editor, Daily Profit Cycle